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Experience Unmatched Dance Diversity at Your Next USA Party with Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company

Experience Unmatched Dance Diversity at Your Next USA Party with Hips Don't Lie Dance Company
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Khatatba

Transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle with Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company, renowned for its unparalleled professionalism and talent. Nestled in the heart of the USA, we offer a remarkable opportunity to indulge in five distinct dance styles all in one captivating performance.

Date: April 10, 2024

Picture hosting an unforgettable evening for your guests, immersing them in an unparalleled dance odyssey that intertwines the vibrancy and mastery of five distinct dance genres. From the fluid grace of jazz to the ethereal elegance of ballet, the fiery zest of salsa, the infectious joy of samba, and the mesmerizing allure of belly dancing – our troupe of seasoned dancers flawlessly blend these diverse styles into a mesmerizing spectacle.

Comprised of graduates hailing from prestigious dance academies, each member of our ensemble brings to the stage years of rigorous training and a wealth of performance experience. With a collective tenure spanning over a decade, Hips Don’t Lie has graced more than 400 events annually throughout the United States and Canada. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every performance exudes unparalleled skill and dynamism, leaving an indelible mark on each and every attendee fortunate enough to witness our artistry firsthand.

Founded by the visionary Lyana Khatatba, Hips Don’t Lie embodies her passion, creativity, and dedication to dance. With a rich background studying at the esteemed Baku Ballet Academy and triumphs in Latin American and Standard dances, Lyana infuses every facet of our company with excellence, from artistic direction to costume design and choreography.

“We craft moments that linger in the hearts of our audience, embodying a blend of energy and cultural richness. Their track record, brimming with positive feedback from guests across numerous states and regions of Canada, speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence,” remarks Lyana Khatatba.

Motivated by an unwavering desire to exceed expectations, we pour our hearts and souls into crafting performances that linger in the memories of our audience long after the final curtain falls. Through the transcendent medium of dance, we strive to kindle a flame of inspiration that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the core of human emotion. Our mission is clear: to leave an indelible mark on each spectator, igniting sparks of joy, wonder, and awe.

With each meticulously choreographed routine and every intricately executed step, we aim to earn not just applause, but genuine admiration and acclaim. Every glowing testimonial from our clients serves as a beacon of validation, affirming our unwavering commitment to excellence. For us, success isn’t just measured in the thunderous applause that fills the room, but in the heartfelt words of praise that follow, echoing our dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences time and time again.

Secure five or more dancers for your event with Hips Don’t Lie and receive a complimentary fireworks display, adding an extra magic touch to your celebration.

Don’t hesitate – reserve your event today or reach out to discover more about our services and capabilities. Visit their website at or contact us directly at:

Lyana Khatatba (Artistic Director)
Phone: (+1) 773-370-6964

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