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Expert Marketing Consultants, Courtney Hurley and Kelly Evans, Unpack the CMO Mindset

Expert Marketing Consultants, Courtney Hurley and Kelly Evans, Unpack the CMO Mindset
Photo Courtesy: Courtney Hurley (Left) and Kelly Evans (Right)

What if the secret to transforming your business and skyrocketing your growth lay not in hiring a marketing agency guru, but in becoming one yourself? 

In a landscape where the digital realm is king, understanding the mindset of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) could very well be the game-changer for business professionals aiming to disrupt their industry, attract their dream customers, foster unparalleled customer loyalty, and ignite exponential growth for their products/services.

This is the foundation upon which seasoned marketing consultants, Courtney Hurley and Kelly Evans, have built their groundbreaking course, “Market Like a CMO”, transforming the way business professionals approach marketing in an era defined by rapid change and innovation. The co-founding sisters of Screws + Stilettos, a client-facing and data-driven marketing consultancy, bring to the table over 30 years of combined marketing prowess. Their course, “Market Like a CMO,” is more than just a compilation of marketing strategies, but is a direct challenge to the traditional agency model that fails to equip business professionals with the skills and knowledge to take control of their marketing. The program features over 100 in-depth modules ranging from strategic high-level modules such as formulating your brand story to specific modules such as increasing CTR in email marketing campaigns.

To think and market like a CMO is to embrace a role far beyond the confines of traditional marketing. It’s about adopting a holistic and strategic vision for your company, one that encompasses not just the immediacy of sales targets, but the broader narrative of brand building, customer engagement, and strategic growth. A great CMO is a storyteller, a data scientist, a strategist, and, most importantly, a visionary who can anticipate trends, adapt strategies, and leverage technology to connect with the audience on a level that transcends the conventional. 

In contrast, an outsourced marketing agency, while often seen as a convenient solution, inherently lacks the deeply ingrained understanding of a company’s essence that is critical for such transformative marketing success. These agencies, no matter how skilled, operate as separate third-party entities of the businesses they serve. They may execute well on given tasks, but the visionary foresight and the ability to pivot with agility that a CMO-like mindset provides are beyond their structural capability. 

It’s this intimate knowledge and strategic ownership of marketing initiatives that empower business leaders to not just respond to market changes, but to lead and shape them. Thinking like a CMO allows entrepreneurs to craft narratives that resonate deeply with their audience, build strategies that are both dynamic and sustainable, and cultivate brand loyalty that no outsourced entity could replicate, ensuring that every marketing decision is a step towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

So why should every business professional think like a CMO? 

Because in the fabric of today’s digital ecosystem, marketing intelligence and strategic vision are not just assets—they’re imperatives. Through “Market Like a CMO,” Courtney and Kelly are not just teaching marketing, they’re nurturing a new generation of business leaders capable of steering their ships with the acumen and insight of seasoned CMOs. 

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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