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Experts at “Made Hot” on How to Explore Sexy Conversations With The Right Guidance

Experts at “Made Hot” on How to Explore Sexy Conversations With The Right Guidance
Photo Credit To: Alicia Berg and Anna Nowak

Long has intimacy, let alone intimate conversations, been viewed as wrong and shameful. This has blemished our very perception of it so much that most of us see it as either a tool of subjugation or of submission. For instance, when we think about intimacy and sex, we often use placid terms to describe ‘the act.’ However, sex is far from just an act of passion or an obligation between two parties. 

Made Hot, founded by two twin sisters, Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg, is a platform that has brought together trained and experienced self-care, intimacy, and sex experts to help people tap into their reservoir of unexplored energies and delve into new depths of emotional, mental, and sexual regeneration. Think of it as a process of sexual maturation. Old habits die hard, and our negative attitude toward intimacy is one of the habits we carry within us. Breaking free from this habit and self-censoring attitude is difficult, which is a part of what makes the transition scary. 

This is where Made Hot’s experts like Rena Martine step in. A certified coach with a background in positive psychology, Rena can “create a safe space, one where I’m often told – I’ve never said this to anyone before.” When experts have your best interest at heart to whom it matters that you are “missing out on fulfilling relationships, sex lives, and taking care of their mental health” one can open oneself to new attitudes and new experiences.

The world we live in has damaged our relationship with our bodies. We often see our bodies only in terms of fat, thin, tall, short, good, and bad. These adjectives have reduced the body into a mere machine where intimacy is but another function to be performed and forgotten. Those who profess such a relationship in the name of mental well-being fail to realize that the body and the mind are one, and the well-being of one affects the well-being of another.

Made Hot experts not only challenge this broken relationship, but they also help you heal holistically through “intimacy education.” From “inspiring and supporting women to explore the nourishing power of sexuality infused with purpose and meaning” to listening “deeply to any individual to help them feel safe and loved within their own body” Made Hot’s experts Elena Rossi and Aaron Klienerman helps dissolve feelings of shame that arise with sex. 

Many of us are not taught how to explore our bodies before we enter into play with others. Therefore, understanding how to satisfy our emotional and physical needs is crucial before we begin this journey with someone else. To learn more about how Made Hot can help you with self-discovery and sexual exploration, tune in to their podcast Made Hot on Mic, now available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Podcast Addict, on everything sex, love, and mental health-related. With their guidance and expertise, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and sexual empowerment, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and meaningful life.

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