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Fisher Capital Sponsoring Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach July 15 and 16th 2023

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Fisher Capital, a full-service, conservative owned & operated precious metals company, has made a notable impact on the precious metals industry in the United States. The company’s unprecedented growth can be attributed to its young leaders – Alexander Spellane, Donovan Southwood Strydom, and Nicolas Durst – whose remarkable life stories are as precious as the metals they trade.

As Fisher Capital grows, it continues to contribute to the future of America through its support for organizations like Turning Point USA. The company is proud to be sponsoring the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach on July 15th and 16th, 2023. This commitment ensures that customers’ profits are channeled into supporting organizations focused on preserving and promoting conservative values, rather than ending up in the coffers of a ‘woke liberal Wall Street’ company.

The event will host speakers like its founder Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson, and is even scheduled to have an appearance by former President Donald J. Trump.  The event is expected to host about 4,000 attendees, mostly high school and college students with conservative values. 

Alexander Spellane, CEO of Fisher Capital Group, marked his debut in the precious metals industry with an impressive milestone, making his first million at 27. Guided by his knack for selling and relationship building, Spellane resolved to establish the finest gold and silver agency in the country. His focus on top-notch customer service and assembling a team of industry veterans has driven Fisher Capital’s rapid rise to the top.

Joining him is Donovan Southwood Strydom, Senior Vice President of Fisher Capital Group. Immigrating to the U.S. with his single mother and a mere $5,000, Strydom overcame significant hurdles to scale the heights of success. Currently, he oversees daily sales and operations and has managed over $50 million in precious metals.

Vice President Nicolas Durst, an Army Paratrooper veteran hailing from California, displays his mettle as a resilient leader and committed sales professional. His leadership has resulted in the largest transactions in Fisher Capital’s history and a deserved role as Vice President and Broker of the Year.

While their ages might suggest otherwise, Spellane, Strydom, and Durst have quickly ascended to the summit of the precious metals industry. Their accomplishments speak volumes about their determination, leadership, and commitment to their clients.

Spellane, Strydom, and Durst envision a bright future for Fisher Capital. Their goal is not just to make it the nation’s number one precious metals company, but also to secure financial security for all Americans. Their commitment to providing top-tier after-sales service and offering clients superior investment opportunities outside traditional avenues sets Fisher Capital apart.

As the world’s largest precious metals retailer, Fisher Capital is poised to revolutionize the industry. Backed by its impressive leadership and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the company is set to shine brightly in the precious metals industry.

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