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Flipping Medical Commodities University Provide People With a Guaranteed Side Hustle

In these trying times, it is impossible to find one person who does not wish to gain financial freedom. People have been taking drastic measures to achieve the lifestyle they want, working extra hours or even taking part-time jobs in hopes of inching closer to their dreams. However, Felix Wisniewski has found a business model and set up a YouTube channel called Giant Lifestyle to help others achieve financial freedom.

Giant Lifestyle is a financial education channel dedicated to guiding others to create a giant lifestyle by leveling up their lives in every aspect. There are plenty of online coaches today offering financial freedom, but they often present a complex business model that makes it difficult for others to follow. Felix Wisniewski is an entrepreneur who decided to dedicate his career to helping others.

Before creating Giant Lifestyle, Felix was a newbie real estate investor when a deal took a turn for the worst, and he was left to scrape for money. Like others in his situation, Felix was desperate to find a side hustle to help him out of his situation. An investor involved in the deal shared his pastime of flipping medical commodities. Although Felix was virtually taught nothing, he would go through six months of studying to get the business mechanics’ gist. Although he earned nothing during that time, Felix would make over six figures in his first year, giving him a newfound passion for the industry.

Through his course “Flipping Medical Commodities University,” Felix has dedicated his knowledge to teach others about the business model known as flipping medical commodities, which is another way to say flipping diabetic testing supplies. He was drawn to the industry when he realized the opportunities it presented. One in every ten Americans has diabetes and stock up on supply that they do not necessarily need, which is where flipping medical commodities comes in. Investors like Felix buy the surplus commodities and resell them to major pharmacies. 

Flipping Medical Commodities University shows people how they can play their roles in assisting the thirty million citizens in the country with diabetes and a surplus of products they do not need. Felix provides others with the opportunity to make more income and gives his clients the position to make huge profits. 

While the business model is not a new concept, Felix Wisniewski is the first person on the internet to discuss flipping diabetic supplies. He researched to find if anyone had written about the subject and believes there may be one person to cover the topic in the early 2000s, talking about the very low-key business model. With his findings, Felix created the first of what would be over a hundred videos on the topic. Over the years, he helped more than a thousand students earn a profit, with a high percentage of them making ten grand in profit monthly with a few making their own course. 

Felix Wisniewski hopes that he can continue to impact more lives. He foresees Flipping Medical Commodities University helping more than ten thousand people start a side business by flipping diabetic supplies and realizing that real business models actually work and bring income. 

Learn more about Giant Lifestyle and Flipping Medical Commodities University by visiting their website. You can also find them on YouTube.

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