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Forget ABCs, This Sloth Teaches Kids Emotional Intelligence

Forget ABCs, This Sloth Teaches Kids Emotional Intelligence
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Sicard

Elementary teacher turned children’s book author Cristina Sicard is making waves with her unique blend of storytelling that combines emotional depth with engaging narratives. Her journey from the classroom to the literary world has birthed a series of children’s books that are not only captivating but also profoundly instructional. Her latest creation, “Sábana the Sloth,” has quickly followed in the footsteps of her initial success, “Harmony,” featuring a homesick llama, capturing the hearts of both young readers and their parents.

Sicard’s inspiration for her new protagonist, Sábana the Sloth, stemmed from a noticeable gap in children’s literature regarding mental health. With “Sábana the Sloth,” she ventures into the world of emotional intelligence, presenting a character who grapples with anxiety. This choice reflects her commitment to addressing the complexities of mental health in a manner that is accessible and meaningful to children. Sicard’s storytelling is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for young minds to understand and articulate their feelings, especially those as daunting as anxiety and depression.

The narrative of “Sábana the Sloth” is both enchanting and therapeutic. It recounts the tale of Sábana, a sloth who is encumbered by worries and fears, nearly succumbing to despair. The turning point comes with the introduction of Lula, a new character who helps Sábana see his challenges in a new light. This storyline is a masterful blend of fantasy and reality, providing a mirror for children to reflect on their personal experiences with anxiety, reframing their perceived weaknesses as potential strengths.

Sicard’s approach is multi-dimensional, as she weaves in elements of language learning with Spanish vocabulary sprinkled throughout the book, enhancing its educational value. This integration serves a dual purpose: fostering language skills and embracing cultural diversity, preparing young readers to thrive in a globalized community.

The acclaim for “Sábana the Sloth” extends beyond literary circles, capturing attention at events like the Ohioana Book Festival. Yet, for Sicard, the true fulfillment comes from the direct impact on her young audience. The interactions and feedback from children who see themselves in Sábana’s story are what fuel her passion. These moments of connection signify the book’s success in fostering emotional resilience, self-acceptance, and the courage to discuss mental health openly.

Her previous work, “Harmony,” continues to resonate with families, offering a journey of self-discovery and inner peace, set against a backdrop that transitions from an Ohio farm to the colorful landscapes of Peru. It stands as a testament to Sicard’s ability to craft stories that transcend mere entertainment, embedding life lessons within the folds of whimsical adventures.

Cristina Sicard has solidified her status as a visionary in children’s literature, championing the cause of emotional intelligence with grace and creativity. Her books are more than just stories; they are tools for parents and educators to help children navigate their inner worlds. As she continues to expand her repertoire, Sicard remains committed to her mission: enriching young minds with stories that speak to their hearts, fostering a generation that is both emotionally aware and resilient. Her work is not just an invitation to explore the realms of imagination but a guide to exploring the depths of our emotions, making her contributions invaluable in the landscape of children’s literature.

Purchase “Sábana the Sloth” today at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Follow Cristina’s journey through the forest of life on Instagram: @cristinasicardauthor.


Published By: Aize Perez

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