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From Land to Sea to Air: Prestige Hire Australia offers a Multi-Transport Mode of Travel

If there’s one business to trust with the provision of luxury cars that will improve your wedding, it’s Prestige Hire. In operation for the past 15 years, the Australian luxury chauffeur company offers the highest efficacy when it comes to helping their customers achieve the perfect wedding through car hire. The range of vehicles the company offers is not limited to those who travel over land; they also offer access to private yachts and jets – the perfect way to celebrate a honeymoon after a wedding in one of their stunning luxury cars. With the added benefit of a chauffeur, customers are able to switch to cruise control knowing that their journey is taken care of. 


Prestige Hire Australia enables its customers to choose from a variety of exotic luxury cars ranging from Lamborghini to Rolls Royce to Bentley Continental GT for wedding hire Sydney at an affordable price. The services are available in different packages like bronze, silver, gold and platinum. 


The customers can choose their own itinerary and departure times, making travel for business or leisure easy, comfortable and convenient ranging from Gulfstream GIV Personal Luxury Jet to LearJet 31. The Falcon 900 is an impressive private jet. A flight range of over 5,000 miles, a comfortable cabin, and an innovative three-engine configuration; this is a popular private jet to charter. 


Delving into the sea, the company has three superyacht models: a 103ft prestige superyacht, an 86ft superyacht and a 50ft one providing a thrilling experience of a lifetime. Their top of the line offering is a 103ft prestige superyacht – it has beautiful interiors and massive spaces of decking so that it can cater to an array of exclusive functions, from corporate events to more private and exclusive holidays.

Prestige Hire’s unique selling point lies in its customization considering the customer preferences and also provides them with personalized white-glove service offering an exclusive experience one could have.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are aware of the need to choose the best luxury vehicle for their wedding as it allows people to feel special. This is why we decided to offer some of the best high-end vehicles but made sure that we offered it at an affordable price so that it could be accessed by and large.”

Established in 2008, the company primarily focussed on doing Harley bike esports for weddings, but since then have grown to 25 cars, 3 luxury superyachts and 3 luxury private jets. Prestige Hire has long been the preferred option for celebrities such as John Travolta, Tay James, Bow Wow, Havana Brown, Sean Kingston thereby working on multiple high profile weddings. The company also facilitates short and long-term bookings for a vast array of tours, transfers, social events, and celebrations.

With the surging demand for cost-effectiveness, increased travel convenience, and minimal air pollution, Prestige Hire dominates the car hire industry, not only in Australia but globally as well. It aims to expand its fleet across Australia and become the country’s biggest company leaving an imprint on its customers’ wedding diaries. 

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