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Greg Atkinson’s latest book, “Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook,” is the ultimate guide for Church volunteers

Human nature makes people apprehensive about new places; whether it is meeting new people or visiting new places for the first time, the most important thing people want is to feel welcomed. In fact, we are more prone to visit such places again and again. Therefore, the hospitality industry is known to be the most important service-providing business across the world. 

More often than not, patrons at some places, like places of worship, gathering, or community centers, don’t pay much heed to hospitality. This is where Greg Atkinson, a church secret shopper, enters the picture. Greg helps places of worship feel more welcoming and hospitable for people, and that’s one thing he is renowned for.

An entrepreneur, bestselling author, and international speaker, Greg Atkinson, has been in ministry and organizational leadership for over 28 years. He has been writing, speaking, and training countless leaders since the year 2000. Millions of people around the world have read Greg’s writings, and he has spoken in over 100 countries. He is a people’s person, and his lectures and sessions have emphasized a great deal on the importance of hospitality services. Moreover, he is a professional writer and a member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE). 

As far as Greg’s solo writing projects are concerned, he has to his credit numerous articles published in various magazines, blogs, and websites globally. He is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and a featured contributor to the world-renowned magazine as well. One of the most acclaimed written works of Greg includes his own eBook, Church Leadership 101, which has now been downloaded over 36,000 times. Apart from this, his three books – Church Leadership Essentials, Strange Leadership, Secrets of a Secret Shopper – have been considered bestselling books in the leadership and hospitality genres. 

Greg Atkinson’s latest book, Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook: Equipping You to Serve, is for anyone associated with the church and its gatherings. Whether you are a volunteer in your church’s guest services ministry or thinking about serving alongside ushers, greeters, welcome desk hosts, and parking lot attendants at your church, the Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook is the ultimate handbook for you.

Usually, we consider customer service and church hospitality to be two different models, but this book shows how a people-first and service mentality can make warm and welcoming impressions on newcomers. The book contains specific, practical strategies and tools beneficial for the hospitality ministry team. Through Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Handbook, Greg helps identify ways the church can create a better, friendlier environment for the community.

Hospitality and leadership are the two things Greg Atkinson feels really passionate about. He wants church leaders to understand that hospitality is a Biblical mandate. Their sole motive is to be welcoming to everyone, regardless of their background. Besides writing about it, he also organizes a global leadership conference, encouraging churches to be more inclusive and welcoming. He aims to make everyone feel at home in their local churches.

The strategies and tactics that Greg explains in the book are not just helpful for churches but are applicable to almost every business that focuses on public dealing. Because whenever it comes to businesses that involve public dealing, maintaining customer relationships is considered the core of success. On the contrary, when clients don’t get the customer experience they expect, they divert their attention to an alternate option. The same rule applies to churches as well. If the leadership at churches is open and more welcoming, people are bound to form a bond with the church and seek solace in it. The fact is that it will serve as their safe haven where they can worship and express themselves without any fear or apprehensions. 

Having worked as an international speaker and author for nearly three decades, Greg Atkinson has tons of experience helping businesses prosper through unified leadership. He is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word and helps leaders around the world to be better in their work and operations. He has helped businesses and church leaderships grow leaps and bounds and hopes to do so in the future as well. 

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