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Harmonizing Spaces: The Intersection of Psychology and Design with Irina Nikolaeva

Harmonizing Spaces: The Intersection of Psychology and Design with Irina Nikolaeva
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The interior has long surpassed the stylistic matching of decor elements. Today, it is a whole science that requires the designer to have knowledge in the fields of architecture, design, and even human psychology.

The application of psychology knowledge in interior design is the hallmark of designer Irina Nikolaeva. She was the first to find a connection between the interior of a space and the well-being of those who live and work in it. Not only does she base her projects on this, but she also writes scientific articles and books on this subject.

Why Irina Nikolaeva is a unique designer

Irina Nikolaeva is a professional interior designer, a nominee for the ASID National Awards in the Legacy | Steward of Distinction 2023 category, a speaker at international design conferences and seminars, and the author of several scientific articles on the impact of interior design on a person’s psychoemotional state. In her work, she pays attention not only to current trends in the industry but also draws inspiration from ancient architecture. She combines all of this with the results of her own scientific research, resulting in functional and highly original interior designs.

The main concept of her projects is the integration of psychology with design industry trends. This approach allows the specialist to create not only a cozy atmosphere in a space but also a special mood capable of independently relieving people from apathy and even mild depression. Irina Nikolaeva believes that the proper arrangement of space fills human life with positivity, neutralizes negative thoughts, and is capable of changing both a person’s character and their attitude towards life.

A special approach to working with personal and public spaces brought Irina Nikolaeva international popularity and recognition in both the industry and the expert community. The designer is a frequent guest and co-organizer of numerous professional events, including exhibitions and educational lectures. At the moment, she is completing work on her first book, in which she will extensively discuss the influence of science on design. Ahead of the presentation, let’s unveil a glimpse of its contents.

Intriguing announcement

“The Psychology of Design.” That’s the title of the debut book that Irina Nikolaeva plans to present in October 2023. This popular science publication is aimed at a wide readership, appealing to both professional practicing designers and ordinary people for whom their surrounding space matters.

The book provides a comprehensive study of the relationship between design and the psychology of human perception based on the analysis of scientific works in the theory of architecture and design, psychology, and psychophysiology.

In her book, the author reflects in several extensive chapters on the importance of ecology in design, the influence of the interior on a person’s physical and mental health, analyzes the aesthetics of current interior designs, and her own resonant approach in design.

“The right combinations of colors and interior elements and the overall attractiveness of a space can affect a person’s well-being and emotional state. In the complex conditions of financial and social instability, people especially need their own haven of peace and harmony. They need to feel not only protected in the surrounding space but also morally supported,” says Irina Nikolaeva.

In addition, the author dedicates special attention in her book to details that are perceived particularly acutely by a person, as they create a resonance that evokes positive emotions from the surrounding space. And, of course, the book prominently focuses on the use of only the highest quality natural materials.

The Science and creativity tandem: why it’s promising

According to Irina Nikolaeva, the excess of stress in modern life forms a demand for an equivalent volume of positive emotions. Otherwise, she is convinced, balance cannot be achieved. That’s why in the interiors created by Irina Nikolaeva, there are always important things for the client that have a special meaning for them – a memorable statuette, an heirloom chest, family clocks.

Irina Nikolaeva is absolutely convinced that in an environment specially created with consideration for people’s emotional needs, their character, habits, and lifestyle, in combination with things dear to their heart and memory, it’s easier to go through crisis moments, cope with stress, in short, to dignify oneself in the external world.

Thanks to Irina Nikolaeva, homes become truly friendly and dear to people. When working with office spaces, the designer focuses on the features of the business and the portrait of the target audience. She admits that creating an interior for public spaces is a challenging task with unexpected nuances, but it’s always incredibly captivating and interesting.

“I feel like the director of a big shooting process where everything is always buzzing, something is always happening, but regardless of the situations, in the end, it will all end with a happy ending,” Irina Nikolaeva laughs.

In the designer’s near future plans are the opening of her own online school for progressive designers and the pursuit of a high academic degree in the field of art history. We wish Irina Nikolaeva success in achieving these ambitious goals and hope that her extraordinary talent will bring even more unique and interesting discoveries to the world.

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