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Harry Shasho, the Man behind 212 Motoring

Losing one parent is devastating, but losing both parents at a young age is something few in this world experience. The story of Harry Shasho did not end when both his parents passed away in his early 20s. His coming of age story would only speed up after this dark period in his life. The exotic car influencer, 212 Motoring owner, and bold entrepreneur Harry Shasho is a testament to how tragedy and hardship can mold a powerful businessman.Harry aims to inspire people with his story, and hopes it drives readers to be more grateful and push full steam ahead towards their goals, past all adversity.

Growing up, Harry Shasho had to navigate a violent neighborhood, bullying, and a broken household. This hardship has been a constant driving force for Harry.

“Growing up, I lived in a very tough neighborhood with hard circumstances, where nothing ever came easy, and nothing was free,” said the hardened entrepreneur.

This fighting spirit stemmed from having to go through life without any handouts or paved roads set for you. In his early 20s, after his parents divorced, they both tragically passed away. From this time on, Mr. Shasho knew that whatever his future was, he would shape it, no one else was left to help him. The odds were against him at this time more than ever, but this did nothing to steer Harry away from his goals.

From a young age, Harry Shasho knew the corporate world and a 9-to-5 job was not for him, instead he would become his own boss. After working many odd jobs to save up money, Harry got his start in the computer retail business. As before in his life, things didn’t go as planned; the universe threw a challenge at him when the industry crashed in the late 1990s.

Harry’s love for cars was his saving force in these dark days. Throughout his whole life, he used his spare time to read up on the latest car news. “I would walk miles and miles each day with little money in my pocket, just to get the latest automotive magazines” said the car enthusiast, while sitting back in his leather chair at his 212 Motoring office.

Harry used his love and knowledge for cars to insert himself into the business. Starting with insurance, then collision repair, and then finally customization and sales, Harry Shasho has done it all. Through his unwavering drive and vision, Harry has been able to carve himself out a sizable share of the automotive business in New York City.

After over two decades in the automotive business, Harry Shasho is the owner of one of New York’s largest and most popular auto customization shops, 212 Motoring. It is at this business that his team of experts finely tunes, crafts, and customizes the world’s most exotic cars. 212 Motoring provides a wide variety of car customization services including but definitely not limited to custom painting, body kits, window tinting, remote start, audio services, and a plethora of other vehicular upgrades.

212 Motoring has served celebrities like Chris Brown and Vince Carter. large organizations like Homeland Security and the NYPD have also sought out 212 Motoring for their vehicle customization and fleet needs. Driving by 212 Motoring at 3939 Emmons Avenue in South Brooklyn, you are sure to see some great cars parked outside, no matter the day.

Although the years have flown by and Harry has surely earned the right to relax, he has never been more motivated, recently beginning a pursuit into commercial real estate. Harry hopes that his story inspires others in dark and difficult situations to rise above adversity and fight to reach their goals.

To learn more about Harry Shasho, visit 212 Motoring’s

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