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Hoodpunks: The NFT Earn-As-You-Play Gaming Platform

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been an almost permanent fixture in the news this year thanks to the rise in their popularity and acceptance. Even though NFTs began to take traction globally starting from 2020, crypto enthusiasts have been aware of this technology since 2017 with the advent of the first blockchain-powered video games. A new NFT powered video game that is set to launch is Hoodpunks, an African-American oriented game.

Hoodpunks targets a universal audience, especially people looking to make a change, correct societal ills, and institute change across all levels of humanity. The token is set to be a recourse towards the African American community, who have been at the receiving end of these societal ills for a long time. Hoodpunks is an NFT that appeals to the black community and are for a cause.

The Hoodpunks NFTs will be featured in a video game, meaning, once a user buys the token, they are automatically buying a character in the game. The higher they go, the more valuable their character and NFT becomes, and the more likely they are to earn from the game. In addition, users can play to earn other notable tokens that can be traded on global exchange platforms like Binance. The best part of Hoodpunks, according to experts, is that the game is not only for gamers, as anyone, regardless of the background, can play this fun and simple game. “A workstation is not required as the game can be played on a cellphone, tablet or laptop,” the developers said.

According to the developers and experts who reviewed the NFT, when launched, Hoodpunks will become one of the most popular NFT games due to its distinct “play to earn” model, which make the game profitable for both buyers and investors. Furthermore, Hoodpunks will go on sale on the Opensea platform at the rate of 0.0003 ethereum, placing it on the list of affordable and easy-to-acquire NFTs on the market.

Hoodpunks was designed to bring the black community together and to stake their claim on the NFT space. Hoodpunks currently features a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs, each unique in its way and representing different values in the Hoodpunks gaming platform. Hoodpunks also aims to get more people interested in a decentralized digital economy with no restrictions, limitations or stifling government policies. Experts described it as the perfect platform for gamers and non-gamers looking to have fun and earn money on the side.

 With the increase in the global popularity of Hoodpunks, it seeks to establish trust and confidence via an interactive gaming platform where gamers get the value of every dollar spent purchasing the NFTs and the gaming gems. Hoodpunks is exploring the demand for interactive and immersive video games and the love people have for artworks. Hoodpunks buyers stand to earn cryptocurrency from playing the game, which, when sold, can earn them real-life money. 

For more information about Hoodpunks NFT, visit their website. Join the Hoodpunks discussion forum on Discord or follow their Twitter page.

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