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How Air Force Veteran Adam Vaughan Champions Community and Diversity Through His Travel Blog

Going out to see the world is something that most people dream of in their lifetime. As such, many look up to travel bloggers either to find a dose of inspiration or to get much-needed tips for their own adventures. Ultimately, wanderlust content has only increased in relevance over the past few years. One remarkable travel enthusiast who is generously sharing his journeys and experiences is Adam Vaughan.

However, what most people do not know is that the blogger only gained his passion for travel later in life. During his youth, the Omaha native was content with playing sports like baseball and football with his neighbors or pretending to be at war in the creeks and wooded areas behind the houses. In addition, his idea of an exciting trip would be going to Des Moines, Iowa to Adventureland or Kansas City, Missouri to Worlds of Fun.

It was after joining the Air Force in 1998 when he finally unlocked his love for exploring the world. The new environment opened up his eyes and introduced him to the wonders of traveling. But on the other hand, being a military man meant that he also went to some of the most run down locations. 

Because of this, Adam Vaughan possesses a strong sense of empathy and understanding for all the people and places he visits unlike other travelers who merely act as tourists. “Throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those that were affected, and those that had nothing like we had,” he explained.

Now, the veteran works at Meta as a Global Operations Manager which allows him to fly frequently and visit more locations. In his new role, he continues to champion a strong community. As he insightfully shared, “Diversity and inclusion are something I have been involved in within my role at Meta, and I strive to educate people on how we need to do better in the corporate environment with regards to this.”

So to continue spreading his advocacies, Adam Vaughan created a travel blog that is meant to enlighten readers of the different cultures and lifestyles around the world. Moreover, the inspiring man plans to use his platform to give a voice and increase visibility for marginalized and underrepresented communities. In doing so, he hopes to bridge barriers and bring the people closer together.

The visionary has organically built a considerable following on Instagram by consistently updating his followers on his travel adventures. In fact, fans frequently visit his page to see if he has uploaded new photos. On top of that, his well-curated and aesthetically pleasing feed ensures that he not only produces a visual log of his trips, but more importantly, it provides people a glimpse into the vast world.

Moving forward, Adam Vaughan intends to continue putting out quality content that inspires others to experience the world for themselves. But above all, the outstanding blogger remains steadfast in his mission of using travel to promote community, diversity, and inclusion. 

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