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How Marc Angelo Coppola Built a Life Centered on Freedom, Farming, and ‘Philanthroprenuership’

Tired of the established status quo of nine-to-five jobs and freedom-lacking lifestyles, many people are venturing in different ways to find what is called the freedom culture—a lifestyle where one is free to make his own choices on his time, resources, and skills. One such individual is Marc Angelo Coppola, who after running his own time-restraining and capital-intensive business, realized that he could build his own narrative. Today, he is living his life as a full-time farmer, philanthropreneur, and podcast host, enjoying the best of both country and city living and sharing this life with his Instagram following.

Marc is a visionary who shares his story of a sustainable and free life through many storytelling mediums. He is a co-founder and member of Valhalla Farms, a cooperative community of passionate entrepreneurs, experts, chefs, and farmers who aim to impact the world where it matters most—”our home soil.” Located in Montreal, Valhalla Farms provides members with access to community gardens, food production, farming entrepreneurial mentorship, wellness facilities, and a community of like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, Marc Angelo is also the host of Superhero Academy’s podcast, which is designed as a no-filter real-life conversation hosting passionate guests. The show aims to highlight and showcase the hero’s journey many people are on. Superhero Academy is an organization that mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers to discover or refine their unique gifts and talents amid experiencing the support of like-minded people. In the Superhero Academy podcast, Marc Angelo dives deeper into segments and interviews with renowned personas. The podcast focuses on personal development, wealth, and storytelling to uncover the unconventional advice and stories behind powerful movements, businesses, and people.

Following his endeavors as an entrepreneur, Marc realized that he wanted to use his passion and skills for storytelling to create a bigger impact on others. In 2007, Marc established his first business, an indoor skatepark on the South Shore of Montreal. But after learning the street smarts of entrepreneurship through the skatepark, he eventually realized that it is a very capital-intensive and time-intensive business. 

Many of his philosophies resonate with those of Atomic Habits author James Clear. “I love his idea of changing habits and focusing on being 1% better, and valuing momentum-building rather than large leaps that often fail or don’t sustain long-term motivation,” he said. After learning and understanding himself and what he wants better, Marc Angelo set off to rewrite his story.

Today, Marc Angelo lives between the harmony of farm life and city living. He learns the humility of being a full-time farmer, growing his own food, eating from farm to table, and using those experiences to inspire others through his podcast and other mediums.

“I am a storyteller who has my feet planted firmly in two worlds—one on the farm where I take my ideas and stories and turn them into real-world produce and food, and one in the city where I share my passion for storytelling, brand building, and finance in the digital realm,” Marc Angelo said. “The two link together via story and help build a true community as a modern-day farmer and entrepreneur doesn’t need to exclusively be on either side of this divide but can also plan their feet right in the middle.”

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