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How shopping clubs make money with Fashion Atlas Group

Fashion Atlas Group
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Shopping clubs hold special significance for those who love to shop. At their core is a flash sale algorithm: three-day sales where you can buy diffuse collections from top brands at a 90% discount. That’s why becoming a part of a closed community where you have access to the best items at low prices is a shopaholic’s dream.

But how do shopping clubs themselves survive if they sell so cheaply? The answer we found was in the company Fashion Atlas Group, which has been supplying fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories to the best shopping clubs in the world, leading online and offline stores, and boutiques for over ten years.

10 suppliers or 1 vendor?

At the start, newbie buyers make the same mistake – they enter into millions of contracts with different suppliers, thus embarking on the exhausting path of endless fierce disputes with distributors, waiting for goods, and scandals with carriers due to missed deadlines. And so it goes day after day.

Experienced buyers value their own time and respect the clients they work for. Leading shopping clubs enter into one contract with a vendor, such as Fashion Atlas Group, and greet each new day with a smile.

“We provide our partners with high-margin sales, which, in turn, guarantee them a good solid LTV for the entire period of cooperation,” notes Kirill Kostyuchenko, founder, and CEO of Fashion Atlas Group.

In addition to economic benefits, an alliance with Fashion Atlas Group provides retailers and a range of other advantages.

One Contract to Solve All Problems

Low-quality photos, torn packaging, damaged or mismatched products, and incorrectly filled out documents are the nightmares of all retailers. Fashion Atlas Group offers a unique solution to these pressing issues with a single contract that can take care of everything and put them to rest forever.

“Before shipping the goods, we carefully inspect them at our own warehouses, so our partners never have to worry about the quality of the products. In addition, we meticulously check all the documentation down to every detail,” says Kirill Kostyuchenko.

Turnkey Delivery

Logistics is a cornerstone of fashion retail. Without a carrier who can deliver products on time and in good condition, any business, even one with millions of dollars invested, will crumble. However, finding a transport company with a network of regional branches that can be trusted with fragile fashion items is incredibly challenging.

Many promising retailers fail because of logistics, but not those who work with Fashion Atlas Group. The vendor delivers verified products with accompanying documentation directly to the customer’s doorstep. The retailer only needs to put the received items up for sale and calculate their profits.

In summary, offering you good products at a super low price, shopping clubs do not fail because of reliable partnerships, which not only address their main concerns and ensure high-margin sales but also offer an impressive range of products.

In particular, Fashion Atlas Group’s catalog is updated with fashionable novelties every month. Hundreds of thousands of items from 500 manufacturers in 10 countries worldwide, plus in-house products, provide retailers with a wide range of choices!

Finally, a short piece of advice for those planning to open their own shopping club: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Sign a contract with Fashion Atlas Group and spend your time and effort on business development. We wish you success!

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