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How the KidOrama App Has Innovated Social Media by Providing Children With a Safer Environment

When social media started making the rounds in the early years of the 2000s, it was initially meant for an older audience to connect with one another. However, as the years went by, social media became more accessible with the innovation of technology. Children today have the same means of running their own accounts but risk the dangers of communicating with strangers. Rohan Shrestha was aware of how problematic this could be, taking matters into his own hands and developing the KidOrama App. 

The KidOrama App is a social media platform designed to put parents at ease regarding their children’s online interactions. The app was created to allow parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts. KidOrama provides users with two login options — one for children and another for parents. The app was designed this way so parents can come in and observe their children’s online activities without coming off too intrusive.

Like most social media platforms, users are welcome to update their status, share photos, and even get the exclusive feature of posting animations for various subjects like academics, health, sports, location, and more. KidOrama also utilizes a flat design where parents can approve posts or block phone calls. While seemingly harsh, this feature intends to keep children from interacting with strangers. 

The KidORama Aoo is the safest social networking system for children today that works across iOS and Android mobile phones. It connects the user to a secure close service, hosting a resource management platform for parents and a social networking system for their children. 

The implementation of the parent users allows them to watch their children’s activities from the dashboard. Additionally, parents have access to the app to set up events and invite their children’s friends on play dates set up, graduations, and birthday parties. On the other hand, children are allowed to build their profile and biography according to how they want to. They also have the freedom to send friend requests and chat with their connected friends, putting parents at ease with their interactions. However, they will still require their parents’ approval when engaging in an audio call.

Rohan Shrestha is the mind behind the successful platform. An entrepreneur, Rohan decided to create a better environment when he realized how unsafe most social media platforms were. With the evident lack of security, he saw how vulnerable children were to the darker side of social media. With a family of his own, the entrepreneur took it upon himself to make a change without isolating children from social networks. Utilizing his knowledge and skills, Rohan created the KidORama App. 

“I believe in today’s world, adaptability is a major advantage in the harshly competitive global economy,” he shared, “It is crucial to make a shift based on creative problem-solving and new big ideas to not only help your business survive but thrive in the current climate.”

Since creating the KidOrama App, parents have never felt more secure with their children going around social media, maintaining a safer environment, and giving children the social media experience.

Learn more about the KidOrama App by visiting their official website

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