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How to Find a Job in New York City as a Newcomer? 3 Working Tips

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The USA is a land of boundless opportunities for growth and prosperity. Every year, it welcomes many Ukrainians and offers them a chance to build their own business and pursue new careers. But where to begin and how to find a job in New York for Ukrainians

Learn English – Increase Your Chances of Success

Is it worth planning a move to the USA without knowing English? This is a valid question. Of course, knowledge of the language significantly eases the lives of newcomers and opens all doors before them.

Since the United States is multicultural, immigrants can comfortably live within their diaspora without deep knowledge of English. At the same time, a language barrier significantly hinders socialization in the English-speaking society and obstructs professional development.

It’s best to learn English before moving to the USA. At a basic level, you can only minimally understand native speakers and engage in conversations on standard topics. With conversational proficiency, you will adapt faster to the new country and have a chance at highly-paid immigration jobs in the USA.

You can learn English in various ways:

  • Private tutoring services
  • Language school courses
  • Self-study

The last option is the most budget-friendly but requires self-discipline and organization. Use special educational resources like Duolingo, Bright, or Lingo Deer. Watch videos with subtitles, read books, jot down, and memorize unfamiliar phrases.

If you’re not ready for self-study after arriving in New York, enroll in language courses at a local school or college. This will give you access to intensive theoretical and practical training from professional educators. It will serve as the foundation not only for education at an American university but also for employment.

Most importantly, constantly practice your conversational skills, overcome fear and discomfort. Be confident; prestigious jobs in the USA for Ukrainians with language skills are always available.

Focus on Candidate Requirements

After relocating to the country, you’ll be able to do what you do best. The first step towards this is evaluating your educational documents or obtaining a license.

Diploma Evaluation

Evaluation is the process of validating a foreign diploma in the USA. In the United States, this is handled by a specialized organization called the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Today, NACES comprises 19 independent companies that conduct diploma assessments. One of them is the World Education Services, a leader in North America in credential evaluation.

During the evaluation process, the following data is compared:

  • Specialization awarded
  • List of studied disciplines
  • Number of academic hours
  • Types of internships and practical experience
  • Examinations

There are several types of evaluations:

  1. Basic evaluation, taking 2 to 4 weeks.
  2. Professional evaluation related to obtaining a license to practice (medicine, engineering, and others).

The second type is more lengthy and labor-intensive, with the process being individually considered for each profession.

After completing the procedure, you will receive an education document that aligns with U.S. standards. Be prepared that you may need to complete additional academic hours (in specific disciplines), and your qualification may be adjusted (e.g., from a master’s to a bachelor’s).

With a validated diploma, you will have more opportunities to work in your field of expertise.

Obtaining a License

Requirements for business licensing and obtaining additional permits are established at the federal, state, and local levels. Therefore, each type of activity and region will have its own specifics for this registration process.

To obtain a license, contact the relevant agency:

  1. Agriculture (e.g., summer job in New York for immigrants)  – U. S. Department of Agriculture.
  2. Alcohol beverages– Local Alcohol Beverage Control Board.
  3. Aviation – Federal Aviation Administration.
  4. Fish and wildlife – U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  5. Transportation and logistics – U. S. Department of Transportation.

In the USA, a license is also required for various beauty procedures. It is mandatory for professionals providing services such as:

  • Hairdressing
  • Cosmetology
  • Depilation
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Eyelash extensions and more

The standard procedure consists of two stages: first, education at a school, and then passing an exam and obtaining the document. A seasoned professional may skip the education but still must confirm their qualifications by providing documents such as:

  • Certificates and diplomas from completed courses
  • A reference from a previous employer
  • A tax certificate showing no outstanding debts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A copy of your passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Portfolio of previous works

You should have your Social Security Number (SSN) on hand during the document submission and pay the required government fee. You will receive your number and license within 10-14 days and can start looking for job opportunities.

Search for Job Opportunities in Every Possible Way

Conversational English skills and a complete set of documents make it faster and easier to find a job for new immigrants in New York. 

Especially if you use all available ways:

  • Social media groups
  • Messaging apps
  • Job vacancy websites
  • Help from friends

One of the popular sources for job offers from employers in the USA is the job board This platform is designed for immigrants from Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and others) and aims to simplify their adaptation and professional development in the new country.

The founder of the online resource, Vladimir Puhach, explains why it’s so popular: “My early days in America were all about unforeseen challenges. When I was heading to the USA, everything relied on connections – no connections, and you were practically lost. Now, our portal handles all these unforeseen challenges. So, I can confidently say: no connections, but you have!”

The website provides valuable information about life and employment in New York, along with hundreds of current jobs for new immigrants. The data is continuously updated with new job offers from employers in various regions.

The platform’s interface is available in Russian, English, Polish, and Ukrainian localizations. The job listings include all the information that job seekers may need.

Take a Step Toward Your Dream Career

Start by improving your language skills. Validate your diploma and obtain a license to meet all the profession’s requirements. Use all the opportunities to search for job vacancies, from recommendations from friends to trusted job boards for immigrants like Act actively and confidently – and luck will smile upon you!

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