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Inked Pro Bridges Customized Apparel Ideas with Expert Design Solutions

For the past 10 years, Inked Pro aimed to make a mark in the customized clothing industry. Under the leadership of Rudy Mage, the company designs visual outputs that represent their client’s ideas.

Inked Pro is a company born out of the dreams and perseverance of Rudy Mage. It started out of the trunk of his car, as he drove around the streets of Miami to sell T-shirts in local settings, ranging from local stores, barber shops, tattoo studios, and conventions. However, after a drastic transformation, the company has grown into a premier print and design studio. And since then, the company has truly proven its place at the top of the industry, having been awarded as one of the top screenprinting companies in South Florida by for 3 years.

Even when he was young, Rudy Mage has been engaged in the fashion and the art industry. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts of Computer Animation from the University of Art and Design of Miami, the creative director has accumulated 20 years worth of experience in the business. Together with Daniel “Ocean” Rodriguez, the managing partners have developed Inked Pro as the industry leader in screen printing, embroidery, and sublimation.

Based in the Garment District of Miami, Florida, Inked Pro is determined to provide superior services to the community. It is a print and design studio that has been successfully serving local and nationwide clients by bringing their visions and ideas to life. The private label brand is ready to work with anyone in search of generating an apparel line for different causes. Whatever their profession or industry, Inked Pro has a wide range options of services they can choose from. 

The span of Inked Pro’s knowledge on design ranges from entertainment to corporations. Inked Pro loves working with anyone looking for someone to help start their apparel brand or corporations looking to increase brand recognition through promotional items. The company is known for their apparel nationwide, creating designs and products for the NFL, NBA, MMA, and many famous musicians in the industry.

As a customer-centered business, Inked Pro prioritizes the visions of all their clients to meet their different needs, ranging from personal apparel to corporate branding. To do so, the company consists of a team of creative specialists that ensures the satisfaction of clients. Whatever the demands, Inked Pro and the team go out of their way to provide only the best, even offering an in-house clothing line that allows clients to choose from the various lines of designs or opt for customization. 

With two managing heads having decades of experience in graphic and web designing, Inked Pro consists  only of professionals. Inked Pro prides itself on their technology and training to provide their expertise on design. The team advises clients on even the tiniest details or placement. Everyone in the company knows all the do’s and dont’s of the industry to guide each client’s ideas, needs, and wants. Overall, the team’s delivery exceeds the client’s expectations.

But more than their actual services, Inked Pro strikes everyone’s hearts throughout the creative process. Because the company focuses on the importance of the customer’s form of expression, Inked Pro created a website for clients to submit their ideas freely and realize their visions.

Inked Pro continuously improves its techniques to stay within the course of the latest trends. This includes their recent success in shortening production time in bagging and tagging. The business also aims to expand on a national level where they can continue to serve more individuals and companies. The company hopes to keep pushing forward until Inked Pro becomes a brand known for its services, team, and techniques. Learn more about Inked Pro by visiting their website.

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