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Insights into Obtaining a Green Card under the Uniting for Ukraine Program

Insights into Obtaining a Green Card under the Uniting for Ukraine Program
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In a detailed exploration of the pathways to obtaining a Green Card under the Uniting for Ukraine program, immigration expert Elena Manilich shares valuable insights. With extensive experience as an immigration lawyer and Ukrainian heritage, Elena offers unique perspectives on achieving permanent residency in the United States.

Exploring Green Card Routes

Elena emphasizes the importance of understanding the various avenues available for securing a Green Card, such as employment-based categories (EB2, EB2NIW), talent-based criteria (EB1), family connections, investment (EB5), the Green Card lottery, or asylum. Each path comes with its own set of prerequisites, costs, and processing times.

Extraordinary Abilities in Beauty Specialization (EB-1)

Elena sheds light on the EB-1 category, particularly relevant for individuals in specialized fields like beauty. Meeting the criteria for extraordinary abilities is crucial, with factors such as winning competitions, media recognition, and significant contributions to the field playing key roles in establishing eligibility for permanent residency.

Documentation Requirements

Underlining the importance of thorough documentation, Elena stresses the need to substantiate each claim under the EB-1 category. While there’s no specific list of required documents, letters of recommendation, expert opinions, and other supporting materials tailored to the specific criteria are essential for a successful application.

Processing Time and Quotas

Elena outlines the typical timeline for the EB-1 process, involving a document preparation phase of around three months, followed by a 6-9 month processing period. Additional time is required for Green Card issuance post-petition approval. She notes that the EB-1 category, with an annual allocation of 40,000 visas, has recently experienced minimal waiting periods.

Inclusion of Family Members

Elena clarifies that spouses and unmarried children under 21 can concurrently apply for Green Cards along with the main applicant.

Considerations for TPS Status

While TPS (Temporary Protected Status) can be part of an immigration strategy for obtaining a Green Card under U4U status, Elena advises careful consideration due to individual circumstances and suitability.

Asylum as an Option

Elena acknowledges asylum as a viable pathway to a Green Card but cautions against pursuing it with weak cases, as it could lead to prolonged processes without guaranteed success.

Duration of TPS

For those considering TPS, Elena explains that it’s a temporary status granted for 6, 12, or 18 months. Ukrainians, currently granted TPS for 18 months, may see extensions in the future.

Political Landscape and Green Card Prospects

While expressing hope for Ukrainians to receive Green Cards, Elena highlights the political complexities involved. She advises strategic immigration planning and proactive steps to secure future status in the U.S. based on current circumstances.

Elena Manilich’s insights offer a strategic guide for Ukrainians navigating the process of obtaining Green Cards under the Uniting for Ukraine program, emphasizing the importance of understanding the intricacies of each immigration path and making informed decisions for a successful journey towards permanent residency in the United States.


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