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Inspiring My Generation Corporation Leads the Movement on Normalizing Conversations on Mental Health

Mental health is considered as one of the most critical aspects in today’s modern society. But despite the efforts of countless forward-thinking individuals and organizations, many who struggle with mental health remain in the shadows. At the forefront of shedding light on narratives is Inspiring My Generation Corporation, a nonprofit organization focused on advancing mental health.

Inspiring My Generation Corporation was founded in March 2020 by Francesca Reicherter, a mental health advocate who has been in the field for many years. With the founder’s initiatives, the organization is serving individuals and groups across the country to face their battles. 

“Our mission is to promote mental health, to normalize the conversation, to end the stigma around mental health, to provide support and encouragement to those batting metal health, and to help make treatment options accessible to all,” said Francesca. “We are fighting the disparity in mental health awareness and treatment, while also fighting a current broken system,” she added.

Inspiring My Generation Corporation has launched a spectrum of efforts to achieve its encompassing goals. One of such initiatives is the IGTV Series called Normalize the Conversation. The show features advocates, professionals, and individuals who share their insights on mental health. The show has been crucial in filling the gap of providing answers to commonly asked questions that would otherwise remain silent if not for the organization’s efforts.

Inspiring My Generation Corporation also launched its Encouragement Card Program. “Each month we donate cards to patients in mental hospitals to provide support and encouragement at a critical time,” said Francesca. 

Additionally, the founder emphasized that mental health is not only eclipsed by prejudice and shrouded by untold narratives. Mental health services are also not accessible to those who cannot afford treatment accordingly. Inspiring My Generation Corporation aims to fight the disparity, readily offer support, decrease suicide rates, and challenge the structure.

This year, Inspiring My Generation Corporation will be launching the T3 Mental Health Grant, an effort to honor the founder’s late uncle, who died through suicide. The foundation seeks to provide financial support for individuals who do not have the resources to acquire necessary treatments. Making mental health accessible to anyone is one of Francesca’s Primary goals. With the organization’s recent pursuit, mental health care no longer becomes a luxury that only a handful can obtain. 

Furthermore, the founder also shared that Inspiring My Generation Corporation is currently battling against mental health discrimination among higher education facilities. Francesca and her team are drafting letters addressed to the State of Florida to forward their cause of providing a solution to the lack of quality care inside state mental hospitals, especially for “Baker Acted” patients.

Inspiring My Generation also aims to urge the state to improve mental health education in the school system to help the students achieve overall wellness and lower suicide rates, specifically among minors. Francesca expressed the importance the school system plays in ensuring the mental health of the youth. Without a doubt, the organization will change thousands of lives in the country, one conversation at a time.

Learn more about Inspiring My Generation on its website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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