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Introducing Alternative Music’s Biggest Secret: The People’s Thieves

While mainstream music is filled with talented artists, alternative music also hides many gems. The industry has long kept its reputation for being a platform for eclectic, original, talented artists who continually challenge norms and are not afraid to defy the boundaries between genres. Among the many gems in the alternative music scene, one of its best-kept secrets is finally coming into the light–The People’s Thieves.

The People’s Thieves is an alternative-indie-pop-rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah, formed by talented musicians Jackson Turnbull, lead vocalist and instrumentalist Dallan Turnbull, and drummer Brent Richards. The People’s Thieves who have continually taken the alternative music scene by storm.

Cousins Jackson and Dallan Turnbull started the band by the end of 2014 after writing their first song together. Soon after, the duo began writing acoustic and singer-songwriter music before finally finding their way to alternative music and owning their current sound. Eventually, the duo became a trio as Brent Richard entered the group when Jackson spotted him. After establishing an immediate connection, thanks to Brent’s tattoo based on an iconic band, The People’s Thieves was born.

To date, the group has gained over 20 million streams, 11 million views on YouTube, 2.5 million album streams, and landed among the top 10 alternative albums. Not to mention that they have also gained the hearts of millions of fans who have fallen head over heels for their songs, including “Twisted” and “Now That We’re Alone,” two of their most celebrated singles that have both significantly contributed to the uproar and excitement in the alternative music industry. In addition, the launching of their second album, Tunnels, is often regarded as the birth of a legend in the alternative music scene.

The People’s Thieves independently released their first record entitled Voices in 2017, which eventually peaked at #31 on iTunes’ alternative chart. Since then, the band has gained over three million streams on Spotify alone and has amassed over 500,000 listeners. Later on, the band followed through with their second record called Tunners in 2021, which reached #7 on iTunes’ alternative chart and ranked #45 among the top overall albums in the country.

The People’s Thieves produces music that speaks to the soul. Their songs narrate the life and experiences of people who suffer or have suffered from depression and anxiety. By amplifying such narratives, some of which are inspired by the band member’s own journey and mental health, the band aims to help others fight their own battles and win against everything that has been dragging them down.

The People’s Thieves are currently working on releasing another major record, set to reach alternative music fans next year. The band aims to continually serve as the voice of the voiceless and highlight stories of mental health through their music. With many more up their sleeve, The People’s Thieves is genuinely one of the best-kept gems in the alternative music scene that deserves millions more streams from the rest of the world.Learn more about The People’s Thieves and their latest album, Tunnels, on their website, Spotify, and Instagram.

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