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Jasmine Ortiz, the Promising Future Powerhouse Known for Her Artistry and Advocacies

Celebrities, public figures, and industry authorities all have a platform they can wield to impact people and communities in positive ways. Others capitalize on the position they’ve secured to affect purchasing behavior and draw consumers toward a particular brand or company, while some bank on their influence to shed light on issues that matter. Known for her impressive portfolio of achievements as a musician, Jasmine Ortiz is one such personality who is capitalizing on the heights she has reached so far within the highly competitive music scene not only to further establish her artistry but also to inspire younger artists and highlight important social causes. 

Born in New York, Jasmine Ortiz is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and actress. With the potential to emerge as a force in many markets within the entertainment industry, the passion-fueled figure has reached and captured the interest of countless listeners worldwide, a dream that she has had since she was young. “I fell in love with music at the age of three when I began my first piano lesson,” shares the pop powerhouse. Three years later, she immediately got signed under Abrams Artists, a bicoastal agency for acting and modeling whose partnership with the rising star would last for twelve years. 

This promising go-getter, who composed and performed her first song at the age of eight, graduated from Charter Arts High School, one of the country’s top 25 arts high schools. She received her SAG/AFTRA card when she was ten, bagging numerous acting, modeling, voice-over and theater accolades under her belt over the years. Currently, she is balancing the life of a junior and an on-the-rise musician, attending college at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami after turning down several prestigious schools, such as Berklee School of Music and Occidental. 

From the get-go, Jasmine Ortiz demonstrated that she has what it takes to stand out and reach the forefront of the entertainment scene. With her arsenal of skills, the twenty-year-old multilingual consistently impresses industry peers and listeners alike. Highly adept at five instruments, including the piano, guitar, viola, saxophone, and drums, she takes pride in her distinctive artistry and discography. 

Apart from rising through the ranks because of her talents, Jasmine Ortiz has managed to take center stage and earn the respect of others for her dedication and perseverance. In less than a year, she released multiple music videos in different languages, namely “Miles Away,” which was in English, the English and Spanish tracks “Que Sera,” and “HOT,” and the English and Chinese version of “Miles Away.”

Most impressively, Jasmine Ortiz has succeeded in reaching every career milestone and snagging every accomplishment even as an independent artist in an industry where musicians backed by major labels will almost always have the upper hand. In less than a year, her videos garnered over three million streams and views across several platforms. On top of her work as a singer, composer, and producer, the future household name is also immensely active in raising awareness about women’s rights, racial injustices, immigration policies, and more. In the future, she aspires not only to secure a coveted spot at the summit of the music industry but also to help reverse the effects of climate change from the corporate level and contribute towards education reform efforts. 

Learn more about Jasmine Ortiz by visiting her website.

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