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JORVINCI Announces the Alpha Collection Inspired by SAS Veteran, Des Powell

With the upcoming release of JORVINCI’s Suit & Tie Collection, the British Fashion House has brought the word “Paragon” to life in the fashion space. The latest addition to the brand’s collection is sure to turn heads with its newest ambassador, Des Powell, a SAS veteran of the Parachute Regiment, Free-Fall Specialist, and best-selling author of SAS Bravo Three Zero.

With the new Alpha collection by Des Powell campaign soon to debut, the former SAS turned bestselling author begins his partnership with JORVINCI. Powell continues his ascension into the mainstream in stunning fashion, thanks to JORVINCI’s creative vision.

I have taken my time to publicise my initial journey, and to now witness things unfold from a visual standpoint under Jordan’s creative genius is another overwhelming milestone.” Powell shares.

It is relatively well-known among JORVINCI’s growing following that the fashion house drew inspiration for its tailored style cut, high-class suits, and luxury pieces from prominent politicians, gangsters, and named mafia icons. The same approach is applied to the new Alpha collection, but with Des Powell as inspiration. The collection will include suits, shirts, blazers, trousers, ties, and accessories, all made from the finest amenity materials.

The emergence of the JORVINCI’s suit & tie range came to fruition from the idea that men could embrace their masculinity by looking back to an older, much simpler time. Doing so allows men to permit themselves to have an assertive, optimistic mindset as soon as they start their day. So, to initiate the Alpha collection and to have Des onboard, only made sense.” Jordan Fife, JORVINCI’s Founder and CEO, shares.

Regarding Powell being the inspiration for the Alpha collection, Fife shares, “This is why Des is a perfect representative for this Alpha collection. Des embodies the concept of lionhearted masculinity. He has been through the trenches both psychologically and physically, giving him a sense of maturity, diligence, and a wealth of experiences you can’t teach.” 

The Alpha collection campaign will commence and debut within the upcoming month and will make waves upon release. In addition, the official look-book will be available in the next few days exclusively on JORVINCI’s official online store

Uncover more on the new Suit & Tie range featuring The Alpha Collection by Des powell, Brought to you by JORVINCI.

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