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Kevin Rios Living His Childhood Dreams of Evoking Strong Feelings through Acting

Playing a character, owning it and delivering in a way that connects with the audience are the hallmarks of acting. Ticking all these boxes makes any actor stand out, and Kevin Rios embodies all these qualities.

Becoming an actor struck him as a feeling at the age of eight when he visited a movie theatre in his hometown, Guadalajara. It was a different feeling from anything else he had ever felt, and he spent the next few years preparing himself and getting more drawn toward the acting business. While the process was not straightforward, Kevin manifested his dream by stepping out of his comfort zone to pursue acting and become one of the biggest names in stage acting.

Kevin Rios has mastered the craft over the years with an impressive resume to back it up. He’s also the founder of Hippolytus LLC. A production company dedicated to creating new narratives and sharing knowledge and values with the new generations through film and media. Kevin Rios has been featured in plays like “Anna in the Tropics,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Measure for Measure,” “The Wreck at the 5:25,” “The History of Why the Chicken Crossed the Road,” “The Open Door” and many others.

Kevin described his experience as an actor: “Performing in front of people for the first time filled me with immense joy, and subsequent performances have convinced me that I am on the right path. It will be hard to put into words the spiritual connection I feel within myself each time I have to play a character. And I’ve been learning the Magical connection of theatre with humankind. And the origin of theatre as an avenue for ancient Greeks to see themselves through the actors on the stage and help society to have a moment of inner connection.”

With the thriving career he has built thus far, Kevin has fully enmeshed himself in keeping theatre alive. His commitment and dedication to his delivery, evident in the projects he has featured in, point to how much Kevin values excellence in one’s craft. “I believe that theatre and its modern iterations in film and television have a powerful spiritual energy that guides us to evolve. Theatre is alive; during my career, I’ve witnessed its power and how it manifests. Every character that the playwright has written comes alive when it comes to acting, and the spirits of every character manifest themselves in the actor in different and mystical ways,” he said.

Kevin Rios believes that theatre is an effective tool for ensuring the well-being of humanity and helping people remain aware of things they don’t usually see. He also believes that theatre and arts can help the human race develop a sense of empathy by seeing the world through different stories and lenses. With the diverse roles he played in his projects, Kevin Rios admits that he got the unique privilege to live through new dimensions and made people live through it by putting on stellar performances. “I believe that the spirit of all those characters chose me with the purpose of learning from them but most importantly with the purpose that the world, the audience, even if it’s just one person, could learn from me from my interpretation and get an answer or a message they have been looking for,” he said. “That’s why I believe there is a strong mystic energy in our most ancient artistic Entertainment.”

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