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Kinfolk Home Loans Provides Greater Value through Quick and Excellent Service

Kinfolk Home Loans is an elite boutique brokerage. They make mortgages simple, less hair pulling out and most of all, quick. They have decades of combined and extensive experience in mortgages and have encountered every kind of situation in the industry. 

The mortgage industry has become transactional, and they used this as an opportunity to stand out from their other competitors who are just after-sales. “We care and we treat you like family. And through strategic partnerships with lenders, we offer our clientele, the power of low wholesale rates, less closing costs, and the best technology on the planet,” says Cody Adams, Kinfolk Home Loans. 

In addition, they pay their brokers more than anyone else, doing this attracts professionals and the most talented salespeople and brokers. When making a big purchase or planning to redo one’s finances via a refinance, everyone deserves unrelenting and excellent service. That’s the belief that drives Kinfolk Home Loans to continue expanding and growing. 

Cody Adams came from Bullhead City Arizona, where he also had his humble beginnings. He was an achiever in both academics and athletics. He left his hometown and moved to the Phoenix metro area in 2008. Cody went to Arizona State University from 2009 to 2012 and spent seven years at the largest mortgage company in the US where he excelled quickly within the organization. 

He was a top leader in the organization for six to seven years and carried with him hundreds of loan officers to success, establishing incredible lives. Adams was also a well-decorated player and industry leader. He is known for being an innovative thinker, passionate culture engineer, and deep focus on project management. 

“I have always been an entrepreneur,” says the outstanding CEO. “I love the American homeownership dream and it’s still alive and well. I wanted a bigger piece of the pie and I wanted to have something of my own. Legacy matters to me. Something I can call my own, be unbelievably proud of, and pass onto my future kin.” As Kinfolk Home Loan grows its network and more people know its brand, they are looking at attracting potential home buyers and homeowners.

Cody is motivated by something more than just getting new sales and getting the job done. He wants to provide value to his clients. “We believe we can be the retirement home for top-of-the-line bankers to come and have a career. Also, building a culture that is second to none is important to me. At our shop, we have a client-first culture around care, being a better version of ourselves daily, integrity, competition, demanding excellence of ourselves, partners, and clients, and being efficient.”

Cody Adams wants the industry players and potential clients to know that Kinfolk Home Loans along with his brand of entrepreneurship have arrived. They are here to disrupt the dogmatic mortgage industry with hard work, unparalleled client service, and communication, and lastly, they want to build a lasting relationship with their clients forever. Cody and his team are working hard so that when people think about mortgage brokers, they would think of “Kinfolk”. To know more about Kinfolk Home Loans, you can visit this website.

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