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Learn How Jason Lee Villarreal Is Shifting the Real Estate Marketplace One Luxury Home at a Time

Jason Lee Villarreal is an American Real Estate Professional based out of Houston, Texas. The luxury real estate agent is known in his Marketplace as the go to for luxury real estate — In his career, he has successfully done over $250 million in real estate transactions. The successful

agent wants you to know when listing your home — It’s not the market, it’s the marketing. With many reasons to include, Jason Lee Villarreal has been able to separate himself in the marketplace with his proprietary listing concepts that help the clients he represents sell fast and in most cases over asking price.

How Jason Lee Villarreal Helps Helps Sellers Win

As an experienced agent, Villarreal understands the various corners that are cut by agents when listing homes. When it comes to prepping a home for sale, Villerreal stands by his core values and integrity. Through his representation, Villarreal goes above and beyond with additional allocation of time and effort over a majority of the agents in his marketplace. With communication and alignment, Jason takes information from his exclusive clients to ensure their homes are staged in a meaningful way. Villarreal offers in house staging — a service agents typically outsource to third party providers. By offering staging in house, Jason is able to make sure that the home is marketed and presented in a way that he knows will interest buyers in the marketplace.

What Sellers Should Know When Listing Their Home(s)

Jason Lee Villarreal wants you to know that when listing your home, it is important to understand your market. In today’s housing market, there are easy ways to get a step ahead of those in the market looking to sell their homes that are in direct competition with you. Furthermore, Villarreal went on to say the following helpful tools are readily available and should be ensured to be provided by your seller agent. These such benefits include: Professional Photo and Video Production, Short Video Reel(s) Or buzz videos, Local Press and Media Coverage, and Overall Digital Marketing promotion or advertising. Seen by many as a no brainer, a large chunk of the marketplace lacks these low cost resources when listing their home. When aligning with a seller agent for your home, make sure you ask quality questions about their Digital Advertising strategies that they plan on utilizing through the process of listing and selling your home.

The Future For Jason Lee and How You Can Reach Him To List Your Home

As a listing agent with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty, Jason Lee is excited to further expand his efforts and proven concepts throughout the greater Houston marketplace. If you are looking to list your home, Villarreal is seeking to take on new qualified clients. In today’s real estate climate, there has never been a better time to sell your home for its appraised value or in some cases even over asking price. To learn more about Jason Lee Villarreal and how to get in contact with him, click here.

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