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Learn Kimi Weintraub’s Secret That Made Her One of South Florida’s Most Successful Spokesmodels

One thing is certain, being a spokesmodel is not for the weak. It necessitates a specific skill set and a winning attitude, most especially when the challenges start to escalate. Successful spokesmodel, brand ambassador, and emerging entrepreneur Kimi Weintraub knows this all too well as she, too, had to brave the many storms of the industry. One thing that helped her become a phenomenal spokesmodel and businesswoman was turning to her successful female mentors in the industry.  

Kimi Weintraub has been modeling for Amazon for a couple of years now. Her unique career has given her the privilege of working with some of the world’s biggest brands, which include Disney, Audi, BMW, Invicta Watches, YMCA, the Orlando Magic NBA team, Infiniti, The Humane Society, and iHeartRadio. She admits, however, that being a professional spokesmodel and brand ambassador is an extremely competitive and tough profession. She has had her share of outright rejections from jobs that she really wanted. All these highs and lows have taught her priceless lessons, which enabled her to become the best version of herself. 

“Learn as much as possible and ask a lot of questions. If you believe in yourself and truly put yourself out there, you cannot lose! I have also found a lot of strength from my powerful female connections. I have been floored by the amount of support I see in the female community. The women-owned business movement is alive and well in my personal experience. When I was just starting out, I reached out to many women I admired and who had more experience than I did. To my surprise, many were eager to help and show me the ropes,” Kimi Weintraub shares. 

Thinking outside the box is also a necessary skill if one hopes to succeed in the industry. Kimi understood this early on when she realized that she did not need to wait for agency bookings to establish herself in the industry. She set out to carve her own path without waiting for other people to do it for her. Instead of going to countless auditions with no guarantees that she would get the job, she built her own green screen studio, filmed herself, edited the videos, and sold them to potential clients who were looking for a professional video creator to promote their business. 

Kimi Weintraub found herself learning the basics of filming and editing through “YouTube University.” A few weeks later, she purchased her own equipment and, with much-needed assistance from one of her mentors, assembled them in a spare bedroom that she converted into a fully functional green screen studio. Since then, she has produced hundreds of videos for various businesses from all over the world without relying on the help of agencies. 

At present, Kimi Weintraub is focused on growing her own e-commerce content creation company. She is even more excited to work with “Amazon Queen,” Akemi Sue Fisher, who invested in her businesses after Kimi’s successful pitch on Clubhouse’s Pitch Tank. Fisher is one of the world’s most trusted e-commerce brand consultants, which gives Kimi a competitive edge. She is nothing but grateful and to work side by side with a woman who has achieved so much in her career as an entrepreneur. Kimi believes that this experience will inspire her for as long as she lives. Find out more about Kimi Weintraub by visiting her website. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram to get updates.

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