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Leeza Cooper: The Exceptional Journey of an Extraordinary Author, Sex Therapist, and Ms. Australia International 2023

Leeza Cooper: The Exceptional Journey of an Extraordinary Author, Sex Therapist, and Ms. Australia International 2023
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In a world overflowing with narcissists and peacocks, few individuals stand out as distinctively as Leeza Cooper. Now the mother of four adult children and with one of the most amazing life journeys behind her, Leeza defies the conventional norms, exuding a humble and caring spirit that leaves everyone she meets in awe. 

Her journey, as vibrant as her personality, is an amalgam of triumphs and tribulations that have culminated in a tapestry of achievements and experiences. 

Leeza Cooper, an acclaimed author of nine published books, actor, film producer, personal trainer, activist, humanitarian, and motivational speaker, splits her time between Sydney, Australia, and Charleston, South Carolina, USA. 

 Leeza has fearlessly delved into the complexities of life, love, and human relationships. Her memoir, “My Shotgun Wedding & A Horny Goat,” reads like a gripping television soap opera, intricately unraveling the tumultuous episodes that have shaped her life. 

It is a breathtaking chronicle of her evolution from a former model to a resilient figure who overcame the challenges of wifedom, motherhood, and harrowing abuse and abandonment. The balance of humor, tragedy, and authenticity within the memoir reflects Leeza’s unwavering honesty and literary finesse. 

The account spans the farcical and comedic events, including the unforgettable tale of the feral goat at her wedding, which both shocked and amused readers. Beyond the laughs, the memoir also serves as a testament to her courage, depicting how she escaped an inferno of psychological torture inflicted by a narcissistic, serial cheater and thief husband. 

His criminality cost her everything she owned. Overnight, she went from being a millionaire in her own right to a homeless mother looking after her children. That was 14 years ago, and since then, Leeza has risen to raise four adult children financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, single-handedly.  

Further illuminating the intricate dynamics of human relationships, Leeza’s first book, “Sex in the Suburbs – Women on Top,” examines the diverse facets of sexual experiences in 21st-century suburbia. Stemming from her profound understanding as a sex therapist, this ground-breaking work dissects the often overlooked complexities of intimate relationships, unveiling the fractures caused by incompatible sexual desires between partners. 

Other works include a five-book series called “Model Redress,” an erotic fiction series based on her life and that of her model friends from the 1980s. Used and abused by the modeling industry and those who professed to love them, the main character, Mathilda, creates a company called EGG, Empowered Girls Group, and sets about redressing all the wrongs against them. Not only a seasoned writer of fiction and non-fiction, Leeza Cooper has also contributed her expertise to various articles and publications, with her work notably featured in the esteemed New York Post. 

Her credentials extend to her role as a poet and her academic pursuits in creative writing and poetry. In a testament to her versatility, Leeza has expanded her creative endeavors into the realm of film production. As the co-producer of an Australian-Indian film due to be shot in both India and Queensland, Australia, her influence and vision promise to transcend cultural boundaries, fostering a deeper understanding of the shared human experience. 

A distinguished figure in her own right, Leeza has recently been crowned Ms. Australia International 2023, a fitting tribute to her unwavering dedication and humanitarian work. As she continues to tread her unique path, Leeza’s indomitable spirit serves as an inspiration, urging individuals to manifest their own destinies and embrace life’s uncertainties with grace and fortitude. Due to her popularity and demand as a mentor and speaker specializing in domestic violence and women’s health, Leeza will be celebrating her 55th birthday with the release of her podcast, The HOTBOX” which was created as a safe space, where she discusses all matters of women’s health, wealth, relationships, sex, affairs, and especially domestic violence and abuse, all with an honest, brave and unapologetic voice, and within the confines of what constitutes a tight-lipped Box Leeza made a promise to the world after her own harrowing experiences to become an advocate and voice for all women sufferers of domestic violence. 

She vowed to create new pathways of healing that would give better results in today’s world. One of those ways was by creating her motorcycle SMG Wheels & Dolls in 2016. A place where women come together and are taught how to ride powerful motorcycles, commune together to raise funds for domestic violence, and support women of trauma by creating a sisterhood movement with mentors and much-needed protection.  

The SMG has an ingenious catchphrase, “instead of being beaten by a beast….ride one”. This all-female, internationally recognized motorcycle group, along with personal Facebook and Instagram handles, gives Leeza a combined social media following of over 200,000 followers and rising. She is definitely a woman on a mission, not just for herself but for every single human being who has been used and abused, discarded, trodden on, and spat at. She is what you would call a well-seasoned woman, a rare gem who only wears recycled clothing and then donates everything to charity.  

Leeza Cooper is today’s version of a Florence Nightingale, a Jane Austin, and a Grace Kelly all wrapped up together in either sexy sky-high stilettos or dirty motorcycle boots. As Leeza Cooper prepares for the next chapter in her remarkable journey, her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination continue to leave an indelible mark on the literary and entertainment world. With her forthcoming photo shoot promising an engaging cover for her latest endeavors, the world eagerly awaits the next installment in her extraordinary narrative.


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