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Maid For You Helps Families Affected by Cancer through Quality Cleaning

Cleaning company Maid For You has made it a point to pay the goodness of their loyal customers forward. The team does that by serving the members of the community who are in need. The company participates in socially responsible programs such as Cleaning For a Reason. It also supports causes like The Breathing Room Foundation, an organization that supports families affected by cancer, and The Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia, once known as Gilda’s Club. 

The primary way that Maid For You helps out its beneficiaries is by providing cleaning services to cancer patients undergoing treatment. With all the financial and physical toll that chemotherapy and other procedures for cancer take on a person, the leading service business hopes it can do its part. They do that by taking care of home cleaning for these people who need support. By doing so, they hope to “lighten the load” for cancer patients and their families.

“As an employer, we believe in positively impacting our community by creating a positive work environment where our cleaning technicians can make a high living wage working normal business hours so they can be home with their families in the evenings and weekends,” shares Maid For You Owner, Lisa Ciao.

Maid For You is a cleaning company that has served Bucks and Montgomery counties over the last 25 years. The company has thrived because of its dedication to providing detail-oriented and quality cleaning services. Where most cleaners might compromise on output when they expand, Maid For You has not only maintained its top-tier level service, they’ve improved with time. 

As a woman-owned non-franchise business, the local maid service believes in the importance of remaining competent even as more  players enter the market. Accordingly, it has remained more than able to compete in a highly competitive market. “No job is too big or too small to handle,” the company promises. “Our team of fully trained cleaning technicians goes the extra mile delivering a level of clean other companies typically do not achieve.”

The cleaning industry has become highly competitive as more companies and homes switch their time spent cleaning with money. And for good reason. Cleanliness has become more critical today as we exit a health crisis. Maid for You has been leading the charge by setting the standard for how reputable cleaning companies create clean, healthy environments. 

As an independent small business, Maid For You brings 25 years of experience and strives to consistently achieve a level of cleanliness beyond what most franchise or chain cleaning companies deliver for homes and businesses. By leveling up their services, they hope to do more than just attract and retain clients. They hope to raise the bar on residential cleaning and help improve the industry in their local vicinity and beyond.

Additionally, the company’s leadership team hopes that by giving back, they can show other small businesses that you don’t have to be a large corporation to make a difference. Finally, Lisa and the team hope they can continue helping cancer patients and others in the community as the business expands even more.

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