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MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES: Investing in Dubai Real Estate – the Best Way to Preserve and Grow Your Capital

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Dubai is the largest and most dynamically developing city in the UAE. It is often referred to as a city of endless possibilities and is considered a global phenomenon. Modern Dubai is a hub of innovation, development, and constant motion, with real estate and construction sectors thriving. It’s no surprise that investments in Dubai’s real estate have become one of the primary avenues for investment, and corresponding agencies have been sprouting up like mushrooms after rain. Most of them have entered the Dubai market in the last 3-4 years, taking advantage of the booming customer base.

However, it’s not all as smooth as it might seem at first glance. Meeting with the founder of the real estate agency, MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES, Alexey Miroshnichenko, and the co-founder/managing partner of the company, Kyrylo Tkachuk, provided a deeper understanding of the essence and success of the real estate investment business in Dubai.

This market segment undeniably offers significant advantages, but there are many obstacles on the path to success. The first significant challenge that startups face is achieving profitability in the business. Typically, this takes at least several years. Only half of the companies manage to overcome this point without closing down. The second major challenge is acquiring professionalism in the field. To fully grasp the industry and become a professional, one needs to be involved in it for at least 10 years. That’s why many newly established companies, if they don’t close within a year or two, often diversify their activities in various directions, preventing them from gaining the necessary professionalism even over such an extended period.

The company MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES has been operating in the Dubai real estate market for 13 years and has established itself as a professional and reliable service provider. Throughout all these years, the agency has thrived without advertising. Only now, after deciding to expand their business, Alexey Miroshnichenko and Kyrylo Tkachuk have chosen to introduce their business to a wider audience.

MASTERPIECE agency sells residential properties to clients not for living but exclusively for earning and investment purposes. While for competitors, investment real estate is purely a matter of calculation without any hint of emotion, for MASTERPIECE Group, values like honesty and integrity take precedence, with financial gain following.

The highly skilled team is dedicated to quality, and it’s not just about the quality of construction. Every process in the company is monitored by the quality control department, whereas in 99% of real estate agencies, such departments are absent. MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES carefully selects developers and filters out questionable properties, despite higher commissions and double the earnings. Apart from the values it adheres to, the company finds it financially advantageous to be of high quality and reliability.

Market analysis reveals that many agency employees lack sufficient experience in investment real estate. All they can do is recommend the most popular apartments for purchase without a deep understanding of figures and analytics. MASTERPIECE Group stands out drastically from such firms by having a product department and a management company within its structure. Thanks to their expertise, they select only high-quality real estate with a guaranteed profitability, offering clients only those investment projects in which they have complete confidence.

MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES is the only real estate agency in Dubai that provides a guarantee of profitability for real estate contracts recommended for investors. This means that the company takes on responsibility and shares risks with its clients, for whom such an approach is ideal.

Investors come from the world of business, politics, and show business, and they have different objectives for investing in Dubai real estate. Some purchase ready properties and lease them out to generate monthly income, while others invest in properties during the construction phase to profit from their increasing value. Depending on the method and strategy chosen by clients, MASTERPIECE offers two types of services: Passive income and Capital appreciation. The first service focuses on creating a risk-free passive income through investments in ready-to-rent real estate. The guaranteed monthly income from leasing properties ranges from 6 to 10% annually as per the contract. The second service aims to increase capital by 30% or more through precise investments in off-plan real estate properties with a guaranteed return on the contract.

Thanks to its impeccable reputation in the Dubai real estate market, MASTERPIECE Group has more than 50 prominent, long-term investors in its portfolio, which it skillfully manages. The current successes are driving the team of professionals to achieve new heights and to make plans to expand the business, a compelling confirmation of the company’s serious intentions.

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