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Molly Blakeley: The Must-Watch Entrepreneur of 2023

Alaska-native Molly Blakeley, founder, and CEO of Molly Bz Inc. is a force to be reckoned with in the world of gourmet cookies. Blakeley’s rise to fame in the industry is an inspiring story of triumph, perseverance, and passion. She started her business with only $150 as a single mom in rural Alaska, and in just three years, her company has become a national brand. Her company’s website,, has been buzzing with excitement since the announcement of     her latest creation launching at the New York Fancy Foods Show in June: the 8 Bite-sized Bobadoodles, a mini snickerdoodle with strawberry-flavored mini boba inside.

Molly Blakeley

Blakeley’s company is renowned for its jumbo gourmet individually wrapped cookies. The cookie flavors are unique and playful, making them an instant hit. The company’s cookies are perfect for gift-giving, with flavors like The Hot Mess, a white chocolate and dried mango chunk cookie that is rolled in Flamin Hot Cheese dust. Blakeley’s bougie side is represented in her cookies, with her cookie, The Tea, that has earl gray, lavender, white chocolate, and a lemon drizzle on top. Blakeley was the first to market an individually wrapped gourmet cookie, which was a significant milestone for her brand. She is on the path to becoming the next Mrs. Fields, but with a wild and fun flare!

Consumer tests have shown that cookie sales are up year over year by 25%, a staggering figure that is a testament to Blakeley’s hard work and dedication. With her entrepreneurial spirit and her dedication to producing high-quality cookies, it is no wonder why she is the must-watch entrepreneur of 2023.

Blakeley’s success story is a reminder that, with hard work and dedication, anyone can turn their passion into a successful business. She has overcome financial and geographical obstacles to become a nationally recognized brand. Her passion for baking and her creative approach to flavor combinations have been the driving force behind her success. Blakeley has shown that success can come from the unlikeliest of places, and it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Molly Blakeley

In conclusion, if you are a lover of gourmet cookies or want to give a unique and delicious gift to someone special, Molly Bz Inc. is the place to go. Molly Blakeley’s success story is an inspiration, and she is undoubtedly the entrepreneur to watch in 2023. Go ahead and indulge in a cookie or two; we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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