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Natalia Gordienko: Eurovision 2021 Contest Star from Moldova Ascends Above the Continents!

Her 2022 super popular track “I Am Happy” conquered all top track lists all around the US, the EU and Eastern Europe. Fulfilled with joyful, fresh and happy perception of love and life itself, Mrs. Gordienko’s music video filmed in Miami brings us to the times of full colors and bright emotions.

The amazing Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden became both the setting and the means to deliver the video’s critical message: the beauty and perception of the natural is fragile!

During the music video, our glances are brought across beautiful yachts and ocean sides. However, our hearts still gather around not just the girl or a woman but the idea of a girl and a young woman who still resists the simplicity of the “it girl” lifestyle to find true love.

Natalia Gordienko

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But every superstar needs a groundbreaking music video to become one. So it took US supermodel Jason Morgan to perform, world-renowned Pavel Khudyakov to direct and famous cameraman Maz Makhani to film.

Natalia Gordienko

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Her music and songs are supposed to inspire fans worldwide to believe in themselves. 

Moreover, these are rumors about Natalya’s upcoming US single and music video. The artist’s approach promises an exceptional music experience, so don’t be late and become an early bird by subscribing to @natalitsa’s social media profiles!

Natalia Gordienko’s music is the symbiosis of different styles, approaches, and patterns, but even still is always an original way of pop music seeing. Even just by naming and counting her hits: “High Heels,” “Habibi,” and chart-blowing “Sugar,” we do realize that we face a new European pop-music upcoming superstar!

Наталья Гордиенко – Я счастливая (Премьера клипа 2022)

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