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New Era in Franchising: Visionary Leadership and Innovative Approach Transform Franchise Success

New Era in Franchising: Visionary Leadership and Innovative Approach Transform Franchise Success
Photo Courtesy: Best Option Restoration

By: Maria Williams 

Entrepreneurs with moderately prosperous businesses often jump into franchising, hoping to get more money with less work. That tends to produce a hit-or-miss success rate. Rarely does this approach lead to long-term victory for business owners or their franchisees. Nick-Anthony Zamucen looks at the franchise business from a new angle, and his approach works. He’s got the numbers to prove it, as he breaks franchise sales records.

“It’s usually considered a big deal when most companies bring on 20 franchises in one year. We brought on 14 in the first two months of this year,” Nick-Anthony says. “We hit 32 last year, and we’re well on track so far. We’re projecting to hit 30 to 35 this year in Best Option Restoration.” Zamucen’s approach to transforming traditional franchise models leads to unprecedented growth for his company. His victories in creating and growing three previous franchise businesses helped, and Nick-Anthony is glad to share his ideas for success. Hard work tops the list. Being bold is also key.

“If you give me the hunger, I can tweak everything else,” Zamucen declares. “The one thing I can’t give people is the confidence and the drive to move forward. But if I have those two things in my potential franchisees, the rest is just putting them on the right track and letting them go.”

The training process for potential Best Option Restoration franchisees may appear arduous, but Zamucen doesn’t ask anyone to work harder than he does. He starts clients with three days of online training, then five days in-person with him in Denver.

“The new franchisees go work with current franchisees to get hands-on experience. They deal with the customer, see what it’s like to walk up to the door, ring that doorbell, and see a customer’s face. Someone with an inch of water sitting in their kitchen. How do you talk to them? It’s one thing to teach it theoretically and another to go out and do it.”

Not everyone can own a Best Option Restoration franchise. Nick-Anthony Zamucen feels potential franchisees have to prove themselves to him. He points out that he has a proven track record of franchising and creating enough successful businesses to know what he’s doing.

“I don’t want to waste my time with somebody who isn’t 100 percent. Time is much more valuable to me than money in my life now. And it’s not just me, but my management team. Anyone who wants to work with me should be ready and hungry. One of the big indicators of success is, are you willing to put in the work that many people talk about but don’t do?” Zamucen recently turned down a franchise applicant after initially considering the man a good fit. In the interview, the man’s outlook bothered Nick-Anthony.

“I said, ‘You know what? Maybe you do need to go with the other company you’re looking at.’ And he was shocked,” Zamucen explains. “He didn’t understand. ‘Why?’ he asked. ‘Because I’m not sure you’re as committed as I am. I’m 100 percent.’ I didn’t feel like he was there yet because he kept talking about staying at his job to see if the franchise was going to make enough money for him.” Zamuen says he simply wouldn’t be in business if his franchisees weren’t making enough money. Best Option’s franchisee’s average revenue per location is almost $800,000. He says the company never wants to waste their money or our time with the wrong fit of a franchisee.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen has written four books detailing his life in business, and Maverick Franchise is one that expands on his franchise ideas, including how a desire to help and a hunger for success leads to success.

“Franchising is nothing more than really understanding people,” he says. “If your business model and everything else is in place, and you found a unique selling proposition, the rest takes care of itself. I feel you need to believe in people more than more than they believe in themselves, at least at the beginning.”


Published By: Aize Perez

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