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Nichole Hemming and Justin Reeves, the Founders of the Multi-Awarded CBD-Infused Bath and Spa Products Company Relax and CBD

With the developing leniency towards cannabis regulations in the country, the economy is detecting a massive surge in the growth of the medical cannabinol market. With products varying from CBD oils to Medicines, the discovery of Medical Cannabis has led to outstanding breakthroughs in science and technology. With all this information being factoids, a spark is just what Nichole Hemming and Justin Reeves need to fulfill their community-driven company Relax and CBD.

Nichole lives in the state of Colorado, which is one of the states that slowly started the regulation for the legalization of medical cannabis. It was not an easy journey for Nichole. At the young age of 26, she was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery and radiation sessions, her skin started to develop signs of strain and fatigue from the medication. In addition, side effects started to show as she took over 15 medications for all her conditions. The situation made Nichole feel fatigued and overwhelmed with her tasks as a mom and a worker. Despite these, Nichole continued with her interest in making homemade bath and spa products.

Tinkering with potential products, Nichole started infusing CBD into her homemade bath salts and bath bombs. With research about the medicinal properties of cannabis, she successfully developed a formula for her products. After continual use, favorable changes in her skin were apparent, so she decided to make products for her friends and family as well.

One of those friends was her close friend and eventual co-owner, Justin, who injured his leg while playing in a competitive soccer game. She gave a few products to Justin, who was amazed at how effective the spa and bath treatments were for him. With these results, the duo, now in the pursuit of conveying the marvels of CBD-infused bath products, started a venture that aims to provide a helping hand to the people around them with their topical needs. They are motivated by providing the people around them with all-natural ingredients and clinically tested products.

With this kind of background in their resumes, the two won numerous awards, which include the “Business of the Year 2022” award from Alignable, winners of Global Hospital and Physician Magazine awards as the “Leading Luxury CBD Manufacturer” and the “Purveyor of the Soy Massage Candle” both for USA 2021. “It is still incredibly new, and there are almost new daily developments and breakthroughs. [Of course], we love to share all this wonderful health knowledge about it. [However], we also enjoyed hearing other people’s stories on how this amazing plant has helped them in their daily lives.” Nichole mentioned in an interview.

Additionally, they are also into charity by sponsoring local kids’ sports activities. They have partnered with California-based company, Senior-High, to help educate seniors about the benefits of medical cannabis. They also sponsor racecar driver Jeff Holden for the 2022 Trans Am West by Pirelli race season. Aside from being outstanding on the racetrack, Jeff also advocates for Relax and CBD by educating other people about the benefits of CBD-infused products.

With constant evolution and a promising future, Relax and CBD are about to launch their new product to the public: A topical pain cream, which they will roll out around the 4th Quarter of 2022. In addition, the company vows a tomorrow dedicated to its philanthropical purpose, cannabis education and community-building efforts.


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