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How Rank & Rent Expert Nick Wood Turned Passive Income Into A Multimillion-Dollar Business

Nobody likes to fail, and this may be especially true for those of us who are self-employed and taking on the brave route of entrepreneurship. For rank and rent expert Nick Wood, however, failure was an important stepping stone on his road to success. After multiple failed tech ventures that landed him $60,000 in debt, Wood bounced back spectacularly by learning how to make money through rank and rent digital real estate and lead generation, and is now teaching his Digital Landlords community how to do it too.

Nick Wood started several tech ventures early in his career and ended up in significant debt because of it. This could have easily discouraged him and led him to give up on his entrepreneurial dreams. However, Wood used these failures as a learning experience. He realized he needed to focus on something that would passively generate income and allow him the freedom to no longer trade his time for money. This was when he discovered the lucrative side hustle known as rank and rent digital real estate and lead generation.

Nick Wood became a millionaire in less than a year by using the tried-and-true sales methods that he shares in his online course community Digital Landlords. He now instructs hundreds of students from around the world with no sales or technical experience to build simple websites and rent them out for passive income every month. Their hustle and ability to earn their own passive income has many Digital Landlords students sharing their own success stories. 

“Digital real estate is the best business model on the internet, and I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the years to give others the chance to get out of the rat race,” explains Nick Wood. 

The mission of Digital Landlords is to show its members how to build a passive income stream by developing and renting out digital assets to others for consistent passive income that has many of his students earning anywhere from $10,000 to $45,000 a month.. Anyone with access to a Wi-Fi network can do it from anywhere in the globe, even without prior knowledge of sales or the technicalities that come with it.

In fact, one of Digital Landlord’s top students is a 25-year-old male from the Pacific Northwest who currently generates nearly $45,000 a month in passive income.

“Owning digital real estate and assets is an incredible opportunity to make passive income. It’s the best business model online and I welcome anyone to show me a better, easier way to make money online from their phone, and I’ll drop out of this tomorrow,” Nick Wood added. “ I’m that confident in this model because I’ve seen it work for myself and now my students time and time again.”

Wood’s seven-figure digital real estate empire was built on the founder’s strong work ethic, which he got from working long hours on his family’s generational alfalfa farm in the rural country. He was also featured on BBC News after participating in a two-year humanitarian effort in West Africa where he learned the local dialect while aiding locals. He eventually developed an online platform to show the world the beautiful culture in the area and share his experiences while there.

Wood’s passion and perseverance made him the successful rank and rent expert he is today. Even after acquiring a hefty debt from his past failed tech ventures, Nick Wood did not stop working for success. Today, as the founder and CEO of Digital Landlords, he is opening doors for others by teaching how to make money through digital real estate and lead generation.

Nick Wood’s story is a great reminder that failure is not always bad. In fact, it can offer some of the best learning opportunities and even become a springboard to success. 


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