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Passport Woes No More? GovPlus Offers a Faster Track to Renewal

Passport Woes No More? GovPlus Offers a Faster Track to Renewal

The U.S. Department of State has been facing a backlog of applications for quite some time now, leading to ongoing passport processing delays and extended wait times for applicants. The pandemic has caused a fluctuation in passport wait times, with standard applications expected to take six to eight weeks. In comparison, expedited applications will be processed within two to three weeks, according to the State Department.

The challenge of reducing passport processing times is compounded by the increasing number of U.S. citizens seeking passports, a trend that surpasses the post-pandemic travel rebound. With over 160 million valid U.S. passports currently in circulation – almost double the amount in 2007 – the demand for passports continues to grow. Today, 48 percent of U.S. citizens hold valid passports, compared to just 5 percent in 1990.

Despite recent improvements in processing times, the State Department urges travelers to apply for or renew passports well in advance of their planned trips abroad. Renewing a U.S. passport currently requires an in-person or mail application process, as the online renewal option, introduced temporarily in 2022, was paused in February 2023. It’s essential to note that the processing time begins upon receipt of the application at a passport agency or center, potentially adding several weeks to the overall processing period.

In response to the challenges faced by traditional government processes, GovPlus, an online startup, has revolutionized the application process for various government documents. Founded by technology enthusiast Guy Lelouch and business partner Katie D’Amore, GovPlus aims to simplify, expedite, and enhance the experience of dealing with government applications.

Recognizing the inherent complexities of traditional government processes, GovPlus strives to alleviate citizen frustrations by offering a user-friendly solution. Guy Lelouch emphasizes the importance of prioritizing people’s needs in government services, stating, “GovPlus is a technology platform that allows you to securely search, submit, complete, and track all of your government applications in one location. This platform was created to save clients time by eliminating the need to enter information for each form they fill out throughout their lives, as well as any friction anchored with those essential records. As a French immigrant residing in the United States, I know how hard it can be to fill out government documents, and I wanted to do something to assist others have a better experience. GovPlus makes government applications simpler and easier than ever before.” “My co-founder and I intend to positively impact more Americans in the coming months by adding even more services,” Mr. Lelouch adds.

GovPlus positions itself as a transformative force in government interactions, promising to save users time, eliminate repetitive tasks, and provide peace of mind. With over 300,000 applications filed and more than 1.2 million hours saved, GovPlus is committed to making government interactions more efficient for users.

Inspired by personal challenges with government processes, Mr. Lelouch founded GovPlus intending to address inefficiencies through innovation. His experience trying to obtain an Employer Identification Number outside of regular business hours led him to develop a program that could complete the process seamlessly. This experience laid the groundwork for GovPlus, which aims to streamline a variety of government document applications through efficiency and innovation.

GovPlus offers a comprehensive suite of services, including passport applications and renewals, Social Security card processes, birth certificate requests, address changes, and TSA PreCheck applications. By consolidating these services into one platform, GovPlus eliminates the need to navigate multiple websites and forms.

The platform’s user-centric features simplify the application process, with patented autofill technology ensuring that users never have to enter the same information twice. By providing most services online, GovPlus minimizes the need for physical visits to government offices, saving users time and effort.

A significant pain point for applicants is the uncertainty surrounding their application status. GovPlus addresses this by providing live updates and estimated timelines, keeping users informed throughout the process. The platform’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its promise to add more government applications regularly, ensuring a comprehensive solution for users.

In an age where data security is paramount, GovPlus prioritizes the protection of users’ sensitive information. Utilizing advanced encryption and privacy measures, the platform ensures a secure environment for processing and managing applications. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, further safeguarding user data.

As an authorized IRS e-file provider, GovPlus upholds the highest standards of security, accuracy, and privacy for tax-related applications. From personalized questionnaires to automated renewals, GovPlus leverages technology to simplify government transactions and save users valuable time. As Mr. Lelouch aptly summarizes, “GovPlus takes care of your government applications for you – and saves you hours of valuable time.”


Published By: Aize Perez

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