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Patimat Kibedova: SpeakWellPro Online School – Learning to Listen and Communicate!

The decision to develop her own exclusive system of online courses, which would help people improve their public speaking skills, had matured in Patimat since her time at the Theatre Institute – GITIS. It troubled her that most people’s problems arise from shyness, which stems from the inability to speak persuasively and articulate their thoughts clearly. The acquired stage skills of acting and technical speech allowed Patimat to engage in pedagogical activities in this field during her final years at the Institute. She willingly shared acting training on voice development and thought expression in texts with people who were unfamiliar with it, frequently speaking as a speaker before businessmen, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, public figures, bloggers, actors, and other audiences in need of her services.

After witnessing the successes of her students who attended public speaking classes and being inspired by their stories of achievement, Patimat became fully passionate about her own startup. She firmly believes in the success of an online platform that she has been diligently working on. Leveraging her stage experience, the actress has developed her own methodology and techniques for enhancing public speaking skills, catering to all categories of individuals. Her motivation is more than convincing — she wants people who do not believe that the ability to speak eloquently can be developed and thereby become more successful in life to seize this unique opportunity to learn the art of oratory. This project will help acquire new knowledge that can be realistically applied to move forward. By joining the platform, you will be able to learn the art of conducting everyday life and serious business negotiations, as well as master the true skill of communication. Essentially, this is the foundation of her business project.

Currently, it is in the development stage, and the search and selection of highly qualified educators who will be trained in the pedagogical systems by Patimat Kibedova and other renowned educators and speakers with a global reputation are underway. The official launch of the SpeakWellPro public speaking online school is planned for October 2023.

SpeakWellPro, the online school of public speaking, will help people from various professions develop their communication skills. Participants will practice clear and accurate pronunciation, develop a confident voice, learn how to articulate their thoughts, and persuade others to their point of view. They will also overcome nervousness during presentations. In addition to online classes, monthly offline meetings are planned, where students will have the opportunity to showcase and evaluate their progress in the art of oratory.

The Public Speaking app offers a wide range of courses and will be available in two languages – Russian and English. This means that a vast number of people from all over the world will be able to utilize the platform. Over the next three years, a specific goal of the SpeakWellPro team is to develop a widespread client base that spans all states of America. This aim speaks to the ambition of the platform – not only to reach individuals across national borders but to permeate into every state, city, and town, becoming an accessible tool for anyone with an internet connection and the drive to improve their public speaking skills.

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