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Peak Performance, the Purpose-Driven Provider of Organic Superfood Powders

Companies across all industries operate under different overarching goals. Some dip their toes in a specific market to disrupt the norm and bring innovations to the table, while others aim to make a difference in the lives of those they are serving. For Peak Performance, a trusted provider of high-quality supplements, venturing into the vitamin and supplement manufacturing sector was a move influenced by the desire to help people who are embarking on a journey toward improved well-being. Today, this leader in organic superfood powders is not only making it possible for people to achieve their health goals but is also lending a hand in alleviating the issue of child malnutrition. 

The company behind an impressive selection of organic superfood powders, B vitamins, daily essential supplements, high altitude organic coffee, and organic protein, Peak Performance was established following a profound, life-changing experience that made an indelible mark on founder Talor Zamir. In 2013, the entrepreneur began suffering from massive pain and inflammation throughout his body. 

“I was working on a computer all day, so it showed up the worst in my arms and hands,” shared the widely accomplished go-getter. “I went from thinking I had a carpal tunnel to thinking I had arthritis and then tendonitis.” Soon enough, Talor found himself hopping from one clinic to the next, visiting doctors, specialists, alternative medical practitioners, and chiropractors. But, to his dismay, no one was able to give him any answers. 

Ultimately, it was his own efforts and the recognition of the critical role food plays that changed the game. More mindful of his intake and intentional about feeding his body with only what could make it flourish, he started peppering changes into his lifestyle. The results of such a pivot not only eased the pain and allowed him to return to work but also ignited in Talor the fire to help others transform into a healthier and better version of themselves. Fueled by this vision, he then founded Peak Performance. 

Since its launch, Peak Performance has impressed industry peers and customers alike with the quality of its offerings. Made of top-notch ingredients, its products are formulated right in the U.S. and tested for safety and quality twice – once in its own facility and once by an independent, third-party testing company. 

Additionally, Peak Performance has become a cult favorite organic supplements brand in the wellness industry because it manages to walk its talk. Its Organic Delicious Greens Superfood Powder, for example, offers exactly what’s on the label: over twenty-five cleansing, alkalizing, farm-fresh, nutrient-rich greens, wholesome fruits, and veggies. 

On top of its ability to deliver what it has promised, Peak Performance continues to earn the patronage of countless health enthusiasts with its heavy emphasis on advancing a cause and looking beyond profits to pursue a purpose. 

“Helping people achieve maximum health is what I’m most passionate about, and that doesn’t just go for the people who buy our products,” said Talor. “I want Peak Performance to support as many people as possible, which is why we partner with the nonprofit Vitamin Angels. We operate on a 1:1 match with them, so with every product a customer buys, we supply vitamins to a child in need for a full year.”

Despite the overwhelming number of brands in the market, Peak Performance has stood out and is expected to remain in the limelight in the years to come.


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