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Peter MD Brings Much-Needed Awareness and Solutions to Men’s Healthcare

Hair loss, depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction are only some of the most common symptoms that aging men go through. These topics should be freely discussed, and help with these problems should be accessible. Moreover, aging for all genders does not have to be an embarrassing or confusing process. The recent rise in telemedicine urged by the pandemic has brought healthcare services closer to the patients, allowing them to examine and discuss uncomfortable topics or intimate problems in a more familiar and comfortable environment.

Among the many online health clinics that have opened, Peter MD has grown to be the largest in the men’s health category, especially revered for its fair and affordable healthcare and outstanding customer service. The company’s primary goal has always been to make men’s health as accessible as possible. As a result, they provide competitive prices without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the clinic. Peter MD is federal and state compliant, with the largest healthcare and compliance experts serving on its board of directors. Moreover, all the physicians in the company are anti-aging certified and are some of the most sought-after in the industry.

Prioritizing their patients’ comfort and convenience over anything else, Peter MD has made great efforts to bring their services to as many places as possible, currently serving 47 states with plans to further expand their reach to Canada and, someday, Greece. The company caters to around 20,000 patients per quarter. Peter MD has reached this capacity with the help of contracts and strategic partnerships it has formed with extensive health facilities as part of its ancillary services. In addition, in a joint effort to raise $7 Million, the company has partnered with former Navy SEALs Michael Sarraille and Andy Stumpf in their goal to skydive into seven continents within seven days, under the medical guidance of Peter MD Founder Dr. Bryan Henry.

“What we have done here is built a business model that works extremely well, plus continuously finessed our systems in order to control our amazing hyper-growth. We have disrupted the industry of men’s health and have forged ourselves as its leader in our niche. I see great things near and far in our future,” said Glenn Dennis, CEO of Peter MD. Dennis has had previous successes in raising around $300 million in funding for several companies he worked in as CEO. All these were for large-scale acquisitions, and his next conquest was Peter MD. There is enormous potential, especially in the multi-million dollar global Testosterone Replacement Therapy market, which is expected to grow with a 4.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2027.

Rapid and aggressive expansion is clearly in the cards for PeterMD. Thankfully, this development does not weaken the resolve and advocacy with which they started the brand. On the contrary, Peter MD has always intended to remove the barriers to quality men’s healthcare access and provide all their patients with the chance to regain their energy, focus and vitality. Expanding is simply another way to fulfill that goal.

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