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Radhika Gupta Buckley: Uniting Art and Purpose

Radhika Gupta Buckley: Uniting Art and Purpose
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Radhika Gupta Buckley stands out as an extraordinary artist, not just because of her prestigious law degree from Oxford or her former role as a chamber lawyer for the United Nations, but due to her art’s profound purpose. Driven by a fervent passion for social justice and advocacy, her artistic journey has become a vehicle for educating people on cultural issues, from gender bias to prejudice. Embracing her unique background as a lawyer, Buckley infuses her artworks, such as “To Hug and To Hold” and “Sunrise in Jaipur,” with a deep desire to ignite conversations and inspire positive change.

Transitioning from the legal realm to the world of art proved to be a significant and transformative journey for Radhika Gupta Buckley. As a lawyer, her commitment to addressing social issues and injustices in India was unwavering, fueled by her passion for social justice. However, she often faced frustration and helplessness, realizing that the problems she sought to solve extended far beyond her individual efforts.

In search of a more profound means of expression and a channel for her emotions, she turned to painting. In the world of art, she found solace and a powerful outlet for her concerns, allowing her to communicate impactful messages in a unique way.

During this transition, Radhika recognized a void in the artistic representation of India’s beauty from a contemporary perspective. Motivated to bridge this gap and shed light on the nation’s rich cultural heritage, traditions, and societal issues, she aimed to portray India’s beauty with a fresh and vibrant outlook that resonates with modern sensibilities.

Her latest collection, “Technicolor Dream,” emerged during the Covid pandemic while residing in New York City. Reflecting on the feelings of confinement and constraint during those times, her paintings feature a repetitive dot pattern in psychedelic colors, providing a surreal and therapeutic escape from the brutality of the outside world. Through this collection, Radhika aspires to bring hope, joy, and a celebration of life, while also reminding us to strive for a more just, inclusive, and equitable world.

Radhika’s art delves deep into the core of human emotions in contemporary society. Themes like the pursuit of happiness, the loneliness of modern life, and the quest for meaning are thoughtfully explored in her paintings, striking a balance between colorful seduction and informed debate. Her unique style, inspired by the juxtaposition of color and patterns, as well as her experiences in both India and New York City, creates a visual tapestry that resonates with people across cultures.

Her artistic evolution has been influenced by Surrealist artists like Klimt, Ganesh Pyne, Picasso, and Jogen Chowdhary, as well as the figurative movements in India represented by Raja Ravi Verma and Manjeet Bawa. The fusion of her Indian roots with the liberating energy of New York City has given birth to a new aesthetic, encapsulated within her abstract expressionist approach, while still narrating quintessential Indian stories from her studio in Soho.

Recently, Radhika held an exhibit titled “WHERE THE WILD ROSES GO” at the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in Berlin, set within the captivating setting of an 18th-century castle amid sprawling gardens. Additionally, her exhibition “For All (Man)Kind” tackled the momentous decision to recall Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, where she brought together a diverse group of female artists to lend their voices to the voiceless and challenge societal norms. This exhibition fearlessly addressed issues of inequality in women’s rights, freedom of sexual expression, gender bias, and prejudice, aiming to foster open dialogue on these crucial topics.

In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overturning on June 24, 2022, Radhika was inspired to initiate this exhibition, highlighting the impetus of oppression, especially in gender power disparities throughout history. By questioning decisions made for “mankind” that predominantly benefit only half of the world’s population, she challenges society to listen to the needs of those most affected by these choices.

Radhika Gupta Buckley’s art serves as a beacon of hope, envisioning a brighter, more equitable future in India and beyond. As she continues to push the boundaries of her artistic expression, her work promises to touch the hearts and minds of viewers, encouraging them to reflect on the world around them and embrace positive change. Be sure to catch her upcoming show at Band of Vice in Los Angeles this September. For more of Radhika’s inspiring art, visit

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