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Real Life Trading Unveils ‘Guess the Closing Price’ Allowing Traders to Win a Funded Account

Jerremy Newsome, CEO of Real Life Trading, believes everyone should be given a chance to learn about the stock market. This belief is evident in Real Life Trading’s online courses, mentorships, and masterclasses. One hitch in a new trader’s giddy-up may be the lack of funds to start trading stocks. Real Life Trading’s latest offering, Guess the Closing Price, gives Real Life Trading account holders the chance to win a $200,000 funded account to kick off their trading journey.

Guessing Game
Guess the Closing Price is Real Life Trading’s way of not only supporting new traders in their burgeoning interest, but makes the process of stock trading fun. The rules of Guess the Closing Price are simple: Real Life Trading account holders Guess the Closing Price of a “stock of the day” to the penny. If the newbie traders are successful, they will win a $200,000 funded account. The closing prices are determined by Yahoo finance, and Google finance, and winners are notified the same day, after the market closes.

The Guess the Closing Price game is another tool in a wheel of supportive programs for new and seasoned stock traders that Real Life Trading has become known for. 

Making Trading Accessible
“I have a very healthy appetite for figuring out how I can help millions and millions of people,” says Newsome. This drive to help others led Newsome to create a robust community of traders who attend training, learn from mentors, participate in live trading, and get the support they need from Newsome and the other experts on his team. 

Newsome’s goal is to grow a love for investing and trading in people, teaching them to accept some risk and then learn how to reduce it. As fun as it may be, the Guess the Closing Price game also introduces a good lesson on risk and the gamble of stock trading. “In trading there are two facts: You will lose money on trades, and you will be wrong on trades,” explains Newsome. Guess the Closing Price allows people to work their risk muscles and get used to being wrong sometimes. 

Newsome believes that if one is dipping their toe in the waters of stock trading, they shouldn’t do so without the right strategies and support. Real Life Trading offers that support and then some. 

Making Sense of Complicated Topics
By making the concept of stock trading interesting and dare they say fun, Real Life Trading is opening up new worlds for many who may not have ever considered themselves savvy stock traders. Trading can be complicated, and people may be hesitant to spend their money on something they do not fully understand or hold so much risk, especially if they don’t have much money to begin with. With the growth of digital technology over the years, trading has become more accessible but not less intimidating. 

“Being immersed in the stock market is not scary. It’s not only for the ultra-rich, and it is not massively time-consuming,” says Newsome. “The market can be anyone’s playground, and Real Life Trading allows the world to experience it.”

The center of Real Life Trading’s mission is not necessarily getting rich, though being successful at trading stocks is a nice bonus to taking part in their myriad of programs. “Our mission is to enrich lives,” Newsome explains, “Our goal is to ensure we build a tribe of consistently profitable, generous, and helpful humans who use the liquid markets as a force for good.”

These forces for good include supporting startups, being actively involved in a Mastermind group that provides funding for non-profits that actively eradicate human trafficking, financial education for children, and raising funds to build 3 elementary school in Honduras. 

Gamifying the process of learning how to trade stocks is just one small way that Newsome and his Real Life Trading team simplify stock trading concepts. New traders who want to try their hand at Guess the Closing Price should check out the Real Life Trading site and sign up for an account. Newsome and his team are ready to walk people through the world of trading and give them a chance to win everything they need to kick off a well-funded account.  

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