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Renowned Photographer Mario Amean Dominates the New York Art Scene

Photos are media through which grandeur and beauty essentially freeze in time. In our highly digital age, photo and video content has become a powerful storytelling medium and brings innovative ideas to life. However, finding the winning angle for a great shot takes more than pointing the camera for a few shutter clicks. It requires a specialized skillset and knowledge of lighting, composition and final processing to perfect the right moment. One individual who perfectly expresses his in-depth knowledge of cinematography is gifted photographer Mario Amean.

Hailing from a family of photographers, Mario Amean was destined for a life behind the lens. He started working as a photographer at age ten, his passion inspired by his father. He used to own a photography studio in Egypt before the family relocated in search of greener pastures. Working alongside his father at ten, Mario learned the tricks of the trade, took master photography classes and is now skilled at simple and professional tools like photoshop to edit his work to perfection. 

However, while pursuing his photography passion, Mario never lost sight of what truly mattered – his studies, as he worked hard to become a renowned medical practitioner. “I love Art, and I would love to apply all the experience that I have to my future career, which is a doctor,” he shared. 

In addition to providing breathtaking professional shots that have earned him the nickname Dr. Mario as a result of his ability to make any shot look extraordinary with his astute editing skills, Mario also teaches photography classes, sharing his knowledge with people who want to break into the trade and become professionals themselves. 

With his creativity behind the lens, combined with his ability to capture the right moments that transcend words, Mario Amean has become well known in NYC, especially in Times Square. Additionally, he has established his name on social media with over 2.4 Million followers on Instagram

Describing the unique attribute that makes his work stand out among others in the NYC photography scenes, Mario shared, “I have a great experience with photography. I know how to provide my customers with great and fun experiences. Also, I ensure I always do my best to provide my clients with the best quality of work.” He added, “To be a photographer, you need experience and the skills necessary to take good photos. I have all the experience to provide my clients with highly professional photography work.”

On top of providing clients with highly professional photography work, the lens guru has collaborated with his siblings, Edwar and Mody, who are also photographers, to create a photography app called KLIK PHOTOGRAPHY. “We decided to create this app to let our clients have an easy, great, and fun experience when they book us for their photo shoot,” he explained. 

Mario Amean wants to continue establishing his brand as a photographer in the art industry in the coming years. “The good work and the feedback that I get from my clients make me very happy, and it motivates me to work harder always to improve my work and keep providing them with the best quality of work and experience possible,” he left off.

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