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Rising R&B Artist Ariel J.’s Latest Track “Excited” Puts Her on the Map as One of the Hottest Prospects in Music

Musicians often struggle to get their sound into the world, finding ways like distributing their mixtapes and making connections with producers. The method has changed drastically thanks to the innovation of technology and the emergence of digital platforms. Ariel J., an artist on the rise, is just one of many people who have made a name for herself in one of the most competitive industries.

A resident of Camden, Mississippi, Ariel Johnson known professionally as Ariel J. exhibited signs of her musical talent at a young age, which came as no surprise to many as she comes from a musical family. In the third grade, Ariel started performing in school productions. She would later write her first song at nine years old, influenced by her grandmother and relatives who created music at a professional level.

“My grandmother is a published writer with an ear for music,” Ariel explained, “My dad, my uncles, aunt, grandparents, and several others in my family sing or play instruments. We all learn from one another.” The young musician would take her talents to church, singing at the choir. She elaborated by saying, “I took the things I learned from them and expanded on my gifts. I’ve watched my family work hard my entire life,” Ariel followed up by saying, “I want my grandparents to experience real comfort without worry and for my family after me to feel that firsthand.”

Since then, Ariel J. has worked hard to stand out on her own. By creating covers of popular songs, she was able to grow a small fanbase. Her hustle finally paid off in 2018 when she made her debut in 2018, releasing the single “Fears Off.” However, she decided to perfect her craft. Ariel continued to make covers and simultaneously produced buzzworthy one-shots like “Almost,” “A Song For You,” “There 4 You,” “Enough,” and “Promise.”

However, Ariel J. made some major buzz when she released her latest track, “Excited.” Collaborating with Crayana J, “Excited” is a love song wherein Ariel shows her appreciation for the beauty of her muse and the compelling effects of discovering new love. The song is Ariel’s support, appreciation, and pride for the LGBT community. Being a member herself, the rising artist hopes to utilize her music to initiate necessary conversations around how the media present LGBTQ+ people and how they are treated as individuals and understood as a whole.

“Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, there are so many layers to what we feel and are often unable to express,” Ariel elaborated, “I try to make songs that bridge the gap when it comes to understanding our human experience, highlighting that fact that we’re much more alike than we are different.”

With her career slowly coming to light, Ariel J. has already collected songwriting credits for several top recording artists today. She is ready to launch her name into the limelight and gather the accolades she has dreamt about since childhood. Armed with the ability to tell picture-perfect stories, a relentless passion, magnetic vocals, and a new-age message, Ariel is prepared for the best years of her career.

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