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Sean DeMarco of DeMarco Enterprise International, Inc. Becomes Poster Boy for Financial Freedom and Success

The digital age has not only brought with it technological advancements; it has also created a new generation of financially successful people who are showing others the path to success. Sean DeMarco falls into this category and has made himself the crusader of financial freedom and the possibility of making seven figures at just 27-years-young. 

Making the digital and investment space his playground, CEO Sean DeMarco has turned the tides in his favor and become the optimistic visionary who believes that anybody with the right mindset and mentor can achieve great things in their lives. The owner and CEO of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. is an entrepreneur, who has achieved much success in his companies and personal life over the last decade. “This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.” Sean said. Many have described him as a naturally-born leader with that description proving to be true through the number of people he has helped build residual income.

Sean is also the founder of DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC., a real estate company that is not just passionate about it’s bottom line but also how its clients all over California can gain valuable support when investing, buying and selling properties ranging from single to multi units. Being the strong proponent of residual I come that he is, Sean DeMarco’s work as a property investor, developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast is geared towards providing knowledge to guide his clients on the right investments and which investments to avoid.

Talking about his stance on investment, “It’s really about following the market. It’s always a good time for investments that pay you.  he said. 

Sean is also a staunch supporter of credit as he believes borrowing to invest is one of the quickest ways to build wealth. “Borrowing to invest in an income producing asset and paying back on time while building one’s credit score will always be the choice for me,” Sean said. ” Contrary to that, we see many people willing to get a loan to “invest” in a “home” or their “education.” Those are liabilities to me because it might take an entire lifetime to pay off those debts. Nobody has to go through all of that with the right financial education and insights,” Sean asserted. 

His lifestyle which involves more investing before spending is what he wants as many people as possible to imbibe if they ever want to get their finances to be wealthy and out of the “rat race”. He advises investing as the most important thing everyone should imbibe. “Invest in the future and see long term potential,” he declared.

Outside investing, Sean DeMarco also believes strongly in the power of the mind. He believes thoughts turn into action, but only if one is consistent and motivated enough. As he continues to show people the way to wealth, passive income and financial freedom, he also encourages giving back when one can. Part of his long-term goals is to establish and run a non-profit organization through which he can impact lives on a larger scale than he currently is. “Lack of education, and ignorance is the reason most people do not want to invest. It’s my goal and my mission to try and change that.” 

Learn more about Sean Demarco and his businesses on his company’s website.

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