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Smush: The College Dropout Who Became One of Social Media’s Most Sought-After Content Creators

Many people dismiss the idea of dropping out of school because they often associate it with failure. However, countless established authorities and industry powerhouses have seamlessly proven that there is more to achieving promising milestones than finishing a college degree. Some may have propelled themselves forward through their academic achievements, while others have climbed the summits of success with a clear-cut vision, a persevering spirit, and a determined mind. Mohamad Masri, an esteemed content creator and professional gamer who is better known as Smush, is one such powerhouse who managed to stay committed to his goals until he reached impressive heights in his rapidly rising career.

This multifaceted personality is an open-minded go-getter who is not afraid to risk it all. From working a nine-to-five job to live streaming games for Facebook Gaming, Smush has come a long way to translate his dreams into a reality. His diligent efforts have earned praises from various communities around the world, effectively acknowledging the hard work he has put into developing his career. This emerging powerhouse has not only strived hard to reach the pinnacles of a growing industry, but he has also proven that success can be achieved if one invests their hearts into their crafts.

Born in Syria, Smush and his family later moved to the United States to seek greener pastures. Although his life has not been precisely easier ever since his family moved to pursue the American dream, Smush grew up playing video games with his friends in order to cope with the harsh realities of moving to an unfamiliar place. Aside from that, he also had to work a nine-to-five job during his high school years in order to help with responsibilities and pay the bills. Aiming to transform his circumstances, Smush went to college with the hopes of landing a better future ahead.

While college may be a good kickstart to a better life, it comes with a hefty price tag that only a few can sustain. As someone who had to work for almost four years of his life to pay for bills and familial responsibilities, Smush could no longer afford it. For this reason, he decided to drop out and dipped his toes into other ventures, bringing him back to his childhood passion for gaming. Smush began to live-stream his gameplay, which garnered a lot of viewers on social media. After a year, he partnered up with Facebook Gaming, opening several doors of opportunities for this emerging powerhouse.

Today, Smush makes a mark in the industry as he maintains over 114,000 followers in his gaming community. More impressively, he has created a game server with 3000 players across the world, allowing him to share his craft with equally-passionate individuals. From having to make ends meet to putting smiles on people’s faces through his streams, this power player has indeed transformed his dreams into a reality.

As can be gleaned from his extraordinary journey, Smush has seamlessly proven that success is within reach for anyone who vehemently seeks it. Although attaining a degree is a feat, it does not mean that it works for everyone. As long as people are tenaciously-spirited and passion-driven, anything is possible.

To know more about Smush, you may visit his Facebook page.

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