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Solar Exclusive Steps In As FCC’s New Cold Calling Chop Flips Lead Generation On Its Head

Solar Exclusive Steps In As FCC’s New Cold Calling Chop Flips Lead Generation On Its Head
Photo Courtesy: Solar Exclusive

By: Tom White

As solar scams continue to plague the wide web, the announcement of the ban on cold calling from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) couldn’t have come sooner. Now, with all eyes set on the future of lead generation, Solar Exclusive, led by founder and CEO Rich Feola, is poised to provide you with the solution.

Amidst the exponential rise in sophisticated technologies lies a plethora of unease as shady solar swindlers join forces to masquerade as the new wave’s leading light. However, thanks to innovative uprisings mixed with the FCC and FTC’s hawk-eye overview, improper practices and fraudulent cold-calling from auto-dialers have now been curtailed.

Effective in 2025, the news naturally ignited a debate around the future of lead generation set against the sanctuary of traditional personalized door-to-door sales. But as businesses in the solar industry that only operate via the latter begin to sweat, solar advertising agencies like Solar Exclusive are splendidly stepping forward.

“With no more cold call lead lists, companies will have to generate exclusive leads online, and that’s what we specialize in,” explains founder and CEO Rich Feola. “Since inception, the new regulations have not impacted us because we’ve complied with these FTC and FCC laws since the start.”

The good news is that while canvassing door-to-door sales may be back on the horizon, the solar industry is conversely ripening with opportunities to attract customers hungry for sustainable energy – a key ingredient and core value needed for transformation.

Catalyzing change, the city of second chances Solar Exclusive uses advanced analytics and data collection to provide its customers with a lead-gathering gold mine. For one, the team of experts draws on Facebook, Google, and YouTube to hone in on higher-quality candidates to place you ahead of your competition.

“We accomplish this by sending our clients to pre-set appointments and a constant stream of exclusive solar leads targeted and tailored to their goals and businesses,” says Feola. “Now leaders or owners won’t have to compete with Tesla or discount solar companies. Instead, they can sell at a healthy margin, keeping their business healthy and growing.”

On Rich Feola’s journey to the stars, Solar Exclusive has since collaborated with “over 2500 satisfied clients, generating over three million leads across 286 markets, in both residential and commercial spaces.”

However, while his skyrocketing success since 2017 has produced an effective and efficient solution to the new regulations, many businesses still producing their leads through in-person or telephone pickups could still need help to turn with the tides.

“The thing is, they do everything through a call center, and this new law will greatly impact those companies because they won’t be able to use their systems anymore on age leads,” shares Feola. “But there are significant limits to door knocking, which online leads solve.” 

Today, reaching a substantial audience with a single click is more appealing to most individuals than physically visiting multiple locations to acquire quality gems. 

Solar Exclusive Steps In As FCC’s New Cold Calling Chop Flips Lead Generation On Its Head

Photo Courtesy: Solar Exclusive

He continues, “I think that the biggest takeaway from COVID was that many companies realized they don’t have to rely only on door-to-door. Many companies preferred selling virtually and just kept their business that way going forward.”

“The reality is that with door knocking, there’s a cap – a ceiling. You can only knock on so many doors as one individual sales rep. You can’t reach as many people as you would like. But with online leads, you could pack out your calendar daily.” 

Conversely, the spearhead admits it’s not a matter of ditching door-knocking and only pursuing online leads. “Maybe you want to go down to knocking two or three days a week and then fill the rest of your calendar with online appointments?” he asks.

Instead, to begin transformational change, it could be wise to simply begin to diversify your strategies. Another option is to hand over some of the reins to a force with a shared passion for a brighter future.

Right now, Solar Exclusive vows to simplify these efforts by reducing the time spent away from customers’ businesses and families by committing to alleviating the stress of managing marketing tasks.

Giving clients back the focus, freedom, and feelings of fruition needed to continue the climb.

Overall, with the expansion of quality leads, solar businesses are rapidly changing how they generate change makers in light of the news that cold calling will no longer be available through auto-dialers.

But there is a way forward. With over years of experience, Solar Exclusive is ready to help solar leaders transition, adapt and continue paving the way forward.

“Our campaigns are built specifically for solar business owners like yours, so you do not spend thousands of dollars on a program that only provides unfounded promises and ineffective DIY lead generation tips,” the team writes.

“By partnering with us, you guarantee endless leads for your business and proper direction. We only want you to focus on your business, your clients, and your perfect closing pitch.”

For more information, visit Solar Exclusive’s website here:  

Published by: Martin De Juan

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