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Soulful Acts: Transformative Impact Through Faith – The Journey of a Nonprofit Pioneered by Chaplain Sunday

Soulful Acts: Transformative Impact Through Faith - The Journey of a Nonprofit Pioneered by Chaplain Sunday
Photo Credit: DoGood Foundation

For many, religion offers comfort and guidance, helping them navigate life’s many trials and tribulations. When mired in distress, hope can seem elusive, but for widows and orphans, particularly veterans’ widows, one organization seeks to embody the teachings of the Bible to provide a beacon of hope. The DoGood Foundation for Widows and Needy, Inc. founded by Chaplain Sunday, seeks to live out the tenets embedded in James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world.”

This non-profit organization derived its cornerstone from this verse, aiming to carry out the word of God through practical goodwill acts. The DoGood Foundation, known for its loving care for widows in need, has been enhancing lives and casting light in the world’s darkest corners. They not only provide spiritual and emotional support but also cater to immediate financial needs. Simultaneously, the Foundation is instrumental in equipping the vulnerable with various skills to become self-reliant, steering clear of the world’s corruptions, as Scripture elucidates.

Veterans’ Widows

The DoGood Foundation not only cares for civilian widows, it also cares for veteran widows. Chaplain Sunday knows (having served in the US Army) what the widows of veterans go through when they lose their loved ones. It is true that the U.S. government gives them death benefits following the death of their loved ones, but that death benefit is not enough to take care of them, especially those who have children in college. Therefore, our nonprofit also is out to help the veteran widows who are in need.

Church of Christ Umuaja

Chaplain Sunday said, “We help not only widows but needy individuals and Churches.” It was with this in mind that the nonprofit sponsored a mission trip to Biafraland in West Africa and renovated a local Church’s building to a new looking building for worship. The DoGood Foundation’s mission is twofold and decidedly in line with James 1:27; catering to spiritual, emotional, and financial distress while also facilitating personal growth and independence. They offer an accessible, Christian-based counseling service, providing a compassionate ear for those grieving and supporting them in navigating the labyrinth of emotional complexities widowhood inevitably brings. The organization firmly believes in the healing power of compassion and companionship, recognizing that offering a listening ear often serves as the initial step towards healing and rehabilitation.

Soulful Acts: Transformative Impact Through Faith - The Journey of a Nonprofit Pioneered by Chaplain Sunday

Church of Christ village of Umuaja Transformation (Photo Credit: DoGood Foundation)

Current Campaign

The Foundation is raising funds to support the eight widows and needy people of Church of Christ Village of Umuaja, Biafra, West Africa. Their goal is to develop trade skills, such as sewing in order to help them help themselves. “Teaching a man to fish versus giving a man a fish” concept is important to this organization. Through people’s generous donations, the DoGood Foundation is helping the widows and needy learn how to become self-sufficient by developing skills they currently have, but not the financial means to be able to incorporate those skills. Their goal for this year’s fundraiser is $50,000.

Furthermore, the Foundation does not limit its assistance to emotional support. Acknowledging the often financial burden that comes with loss, the DoGood Foundation provides short-term financial aid to widows, ensuring they are not overwhelmed by monetary worries during their grieving process.

However, the DoGood Foundation’s work does not stop at immediate relief; it takes it a step further by providing beneficiaries – specifically widows – with various skills. The empowerment of widows, particularly through skill acquisition, stands at the core of their mission. The Foundation believes that aiding people to learn new capabilities not only promotes self-reliance but also serves as a key to unlocking personal growth and development.

Soulful Acts: Transformative Impact Through Faith - The Journey of a Nonprofit Pioneered by Chaplain Sunday

Photo Credit: DoGood Foundation

They invite all to join this noble cause and are always appreciative of any donations made towards their life-changing purpose. For more information on how to participate or donate, scan the QR CODE above or visit their website at, and connect with them on social media:
Instagram: @dogoodfoundationforwidows
Facebook: DoGood Foundation for Widows and Needy, Inc.
X: DoGoodfoundationforwidows


Published By: Aize Perez

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