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Steve Haddadin Brings in a New Brand of Client Orientedness to the Real Estate Industry

Passionate about entrepreneurship and Real Estate, Steve Haddadin established his brokerage King Real Estate Group in 2019. Haddadin entered the Real Estate industry at 18 years old. Bringing his diverse background and expertise to his company, he offers clients the highest quality Real Estate services available in the industry.

Everything Steve Haddadin has learned from his education, training, and experience has been used to help his clients navigate the competitive world of Real Estate. Prior to opening his own brokerage, Steve has had extensive experience in selling Commercial and Residential properties, management of Office and Retail properties, Lending, and Development in the Orange County and Riverside County areas. As a result, every client he has worked with has benefited from his analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate market.

Steve Haddadin has worked hard to ensure that the system he built with King Real Estate Group is best suited to fulfill their client’s needs and represent their best interests. He and his team practice transparency in their working relationships, and they provide their clients with in-depth information at every stage of the process, ensuring client satisfaction. In addition, his Real Estate firm offers a host of services and solutions that will help his clients meet their goals and exceed their expectations. With the help of Steve’s highly skilled team of Real Estate professionals, they can help clients break into local and national markets.

Steve Haddadin is driven by the pursuit of his goals. His commitment to further development as a Real Estate professional keeps him up to date with the latest trends and practices in the industry. But he is also a man who is driven by serving others. To this effect, Steve is an active board member of the Center for Real Estate at the California State University Fullerton College of Business and Economics. He was at the forefront of reforming this center by fostering industry relations with the CCIM Institute, ICSC, and IREM. Steve’s work as a board member has helped inspire and shape the careers of the next generation of Real Estate professionals. Steve also serves as the vice president of legislative affairs for IREM, Orange County.

Haddadin is an entrepreneur who only wants the best for his clients. Therefore, the services he offers at the King Real Estate Company are of the highest quality and are derived from his vast experience in the industry. In using a hands-on approach, he and his team are able to provide the Real Estate solutions their clients seek.Steve Haddadin is an entrepreneur, broker, and founder of King Real Estate Group. To learn more about his work, visit his official website. For more information on King Real Estate Group, you can check their website.

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