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Injury Prevention Takes Center Stage at Strength n Honor Training

Whether participating in professional sports or amateur leagues, athletes of all levels can benefit from injury prevention strategies that help to keep them safe and injury-free. 

Hence, injury prevention is the top priority at Strength n Honor Training, where a specialized program has been designed to help reduce the risk of ACL injuries among female athletes. The “ACL PROTOCOL” was designed with female athletes in mind. Female athletes are up to eight times more likely to suffer from ACL injuries compared to male athletes, and the number of such injuries rising over 300% in the last 20 years, it is imperative that steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of such devastating injuries from happening.

But Strength n Honor Training does not claim to totally engage in true injury prevention but rather in injury resistance, as injuries may occur despite all measures taken to prevent them. The goal is to reduce injuries as much as possible to help developing  athletes stay safer on the playing field. 

Strength n Honor Training targets several risk factors that have been linked to ACL injuries, including poor ankle mobility, muscle imbalances, dormant or weak glutes, poor movement pattern development, lack of deceleration training, poor landing biomechanics, poor conditioning, inadequate nutrition, and overtraining/recovery. By addressing these issues, the chances of an ACL injury occurring can be greatly reduced.

Steve Konopka and his team use customized programming and a hands-on approach, born out of their passion for helping athletes reach their full potential both on and off the playing field. The training philosophy at Strength n Honor Training is rooted in the power of the mind and hard work, with a commitment to developing strong, healthy, and confident athletes.

Strength n Honor Training offers a specialized approach to injury prevention for female athletes, including basketball and soccer players, and anyone supporting their athletic journey. With expertise and experience, the “ACL PROTOCOL” program has been fine-tuned through on-field testing to guide athletes toward their goals while avoiding common pitfalls made by both athletes and parents.

Strength n Honor Training’s commitment to excellence and development has helped multiple athletes of all ages and genders rise to the peak of their athletic careers, including Olympic, division 1, national champions, pro MMA athletes and its exceptional focus on reducing injuries and rehabilitation is a true testament to that. From proper training and conditioning to recovery and nutrition, there are many measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of injury and promote a safe athletic environment. In addition, by focusing on development and injury prevention, athletes can increase their chances of success and extend their athletic careers, ensuring that they can continue to enjoy their sport for years to come.

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