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Stryker The Cat Enters the NFT Space to Create Real Impact in the World

As the NFT wave continues to permeate the world, a new NFT, Stryker The Cat, is preparing for a launch and taking a shot at doing some real good in the world. Stryker The Cat is a fun-loving cat already famous on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram for his love of raw chicken. Now, those talents and fascinating abilities have been taken to the Blockchain for all animal lovers, cat lovers, crypto and NFT enthusiasts to own for themselves.

The real Stryker the Cat has an interesting story, starting being born in Ohio to spending most of his early days in a cage. His owners decided to get him a new home, and from there, he became an internet sensation that millions of people worldwide have become big fans of. Since Stryker became a celebrity, the idea to do something notable with his fame was born, and as a result, an NFT was created in his name. Now, with its upcoming launch, Stryker The Cat NFT is poised to raise awareness for other cats in distress and contribute to their welfare.

Unique NFTs created using Stryker as inspiration will be made available soon with the goal of selling 8,888 pieces of the collection. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida. The launch of this NFT collection comes in the wake of Stryker’s seventh birthday, which was held on October 16. With the success of Stryker The Cat NFT, other animals in difficult situations can live the lives that they deserve.

This NFT collection is the first significant way Stryker is taking advantage of his internet fame to help other animals. Plans have been announced for the cat to collaborate with other famous animals to execute projects for the greater good by drawing awareness to other less fortunate animals.

Since NFTs were popularized, they have revolutionized digital investments and given people the opportunity to own unique pieces of art or content in various forms. To better understand how NFTs work, think about it as owning an original piece of art. Even if the art gets recreated, reproduced, or printed, the original piece of art is usually a single piece and whoever holds it has the real art and the real value that the art is worth. NFTs are also unique in existence, even though they are mostly virtual. They have unique characteristics and identifiers to certify their originality. As NFTs transition from their infancy stages, they have become the latest digital wealth and investments storage.

With its nearly 10 million followers on social media, Stryker The Cat is taking its charm beyond social media into the world to champion a good cause. The NFT community patiently awaits October 29th for the revolutionary launch of the Stryker The Cat NFT collection.Learn more about Stryker The Cat on its official website. Also, follow the official Instagram and Twitter pages.

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