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Suave Xavier Pegues Riding Instagram Success to Comic Renown and Entertainment Greatness

Social media has become a massive game-changer for the small players that would typically not get a shot at greatness with the way specific industries operate. That certainly has been the case in entertainment as talents come alive through platforms like Instagram and TikTok as digital channels level the playing field. One such individual that has significantly benefited from this is Suave Xavier Pegues, or known by his social handles suavexavier_ or savvy, who has become a follower favorite in the comedy category over the past few months.

He has over 538,000 Instagram followers and thousands in engagements per post. But what shines through is his talent, especially when entertaining people online. Suave started gathering momentum when his impersonation videos of Kevin Hart started gaining momentum.

“Ever since I’ve started social media making voice impressions of Kevin Hart and Donald Trump, everything’s been going my way,” explains the social media influencer. “People often ask me how long it took me to learn how to make voice impressions? Honestly, I never practiced voice impressions and never knew that I could do them, to begin with.”

But the comedy creator’s most significant breakthrough had to be on TikTok. During the pandemic, Suave Xavier Pegues started creating content on the video social media app, which would become a massive game-changer for him. Today, he now has over 11.5 million followers on the platform and 223 million likes overall. The TikToker’s dogs would join the fun from time to time, bringing good vibes to people worldwide.

From afar, Suave Xavier seems like your regular guy, following Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, The Rock, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s athletic and loves playing football but would have to park his dreams of going pro after a career-ending injury. But that setback would be a blessing in disguise as he would now have time to pour himself into his true passion—making other people laugh. Savvy, as most people now know the influencer, Suave simply loves to have fun. So naturally, that would influence his social media influencing career. 

“It’s always been my dream to be in a movie with my heroes someday,” explains Savvy. “I believe that if you speak things into existence with the right mindset and determination, then anything is possible.”

The social media comedian’s greatest motivation comes from his roots. Suave comes from a small city, but he has dreamed big enough for the stars. But even as he shoots for greatness, he remembers always looking back, seeking to create a life that would allow him to support his family and some friends who have been with him since the very beginning. 

Suave Xavier Pegues continues to work hard, and his labor will likely pay off soon. Despite his overwhelming success, he still hasn’t slowed down. Savvy hopes to land a significant role in a television show or movie very soon. It is starting to gain the attention of people and institutions like Dwayne Johnson, the producers at The Ellen Show, and Fox News. 

Savvy maintains a positive attitude as he looks for new ways to delight his followers and build on his brand.

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